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Carnival Messiah: Proof that We Need Art

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Following her summer of research, investigating why this explosion of culture and vision is so important, Anna May tells us more about Carnival Messiah preceeding its showing tomorrow at West Yorkshire Playhouse. When I applied to do a summer research project on ‘The Impact and Legacy of Carnival Messiah’, I never imagined … Read More

LIFF30 Review: Stop Making Sense – a victory lap for an under-appreciated band

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Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads’ 1984 concert film, begins with frontman David Byrne on an empty, undressed stage with a guitar and a boombox performing Psycho Killer, the first song he wrote. The stage is set up during the performances, as he is gradually joined by bassist Tina Weymout, drummer … Read More

LIFF30 Review: Blue Velvet – not for the faint-hearted

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Idyllic suburbia, with its white picket fences, rose gardens and tree-lined streets has its drapes pulled down in Blue Velvet (1986) by David Lynch, a heavily surreal mystery thriller. Kyle Machlachlan plays Jeffrey who, home from university , finds a severed human ear during a walk. He turns it in … Read More

LIFF30 Review: Chi-raq – a feast for the eyes

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Chi-raq (2015) is a triumph of no-holds-barred filmmaking. It is a feast for the eyes and the cinematic imagination, saturated with director Spike Lee’s biting political satire. The film is a hip-hop adaptation and incisive twist on Aristophanes’ comic play Lysistrata (411 BC). Warfare between Trojans and Spartans is mirrored in … Read More

LIFF30 Review: Lady Macbeth – leaves us cold

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Lady Macbeth follows the young recently married Catherine as she is adopted into the cold, patriarchal and violent environment of her husband’s home. He is often absent and his new wife begins an affair with a worker on the estate, resorting to murder to maintain her illicit romance. A brutal … Read More

LIFF30: Zulawski – A Retrospective on some of the director‘s best works

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While it has become something of a cultural in-joke that 2016 has seen a swathe of artists and celebrities pass away, one less talked about, but no less essential, filmic artist of the 21st century also passed away this past year, Andrzej Zulawski. The visionary Polish director is a little … Read More

Leeds International Film Festival: our picks

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With the renowned Leeds International Film Festival reaching its landmark 30th birthday, In the Middle gives you a quick preview of this year‘s most exciting offerings… Paterson The new film from indie scene titan Jim Jarmusch (Only Lovers Left Alive, Broken Flowers), serves as the opener to the LIFF30. The … Read More

LIFF: The French Connections

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This year’s Leeds International Film Festival screened a series of seven short films by French directors entitled French Connections. Encapsulating the quirky French cinematic style, the short films are at once witty and soulful, commenting on the heroic aspects of humanity. L’étourdissement (Stunned), opens in an abattoir with a group … Read More

British Short Film Competition

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On Sunday 15th November, I attended a screening of eight films that had been entered into the British Short Film competition. All the films were under 15 minutes and each one surprised and entertained the audience in different ways. The eight films I watched actually only represented half of the … Read More

Review: The Tipple Taxi

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Incongruously placed in the centre of Leeds Trinity shopping centre sits the Tipple Taxi, a London-black-cab-come-miniature-cinema, showing 5 short films on a half-hour loop, as part of the 29th Leeds International Film Festival. The interior of the taxi is decorated with a fake grass floor, a flowery ceiling, and potted … Read More