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No Christmas Plans? Why Not Stay Another Day in Leeds?

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If you plan to stay in Leeds over Christmas, don’t fret; there are still plenty of events and activities to get involved with! The University runs an annual programme called ‘Christmas in Leeds’. It is specially designed for students who are staying in Leeds over the holidays, and focuses on … Read More

Call Me By Monét: Monét X Change at Leeds University Union

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It was Friday night and I found myself in front of my mirror coating my eyelashes in mascara and smearing highlighter over any bare section of my face, because I was headed off to a drag show, and nothing says drag like larger than life eyelashes and a godly glow. … Read More

LUU’s Most A-Compelling Singing Group

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Sitting down with the co-Presidents of LUU A Capella Society, George Hulkes and Patrick Ashby, Susy Goldstone discusses the ins-and-outs of singing without music. So, how is LUU A Capella Society structured? George: This year we’ve had a really big change. Last year we had a group called the Cosmopolitones … Read More

Plastic Free By 2023

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The University of Leeds and Leeds University Union have pledged to stop using single-use plastics on campus by 2023, it was announced on Wednesday 7th November. Students have responded positively to the news that their university is aiming to become single-use plastic free. Between now and 2023, LUU and Leeds … Read More

Leeds Opens Applications for its First University Challenge Team since 2011

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Leeds University Union are searching for the five brightest students at Leeds to send to University Challenge for the first time since 2011. If you consider yourself to be a serial quizzer or a genius just waiting to be discovered, then this is your chance to show your housemates that … Read More

LUU Societies Coming Up Trumps

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With over 300 societies, Leeds University Union caters to every need. Whether you want to find a new hobby, get involved in your subject, connect with your cultural or religious group, or even raise money, Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to find a society with a place for you. … Read More

Yo Yo LUU, What’s Happened To Our Rewards?

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Leeds University Union has come under questioning following the disappearance of YoYo Wallet payment facilities in union outlets. Yoyo Wallet, the primary rewards application used by those shopping in the union, allows users to collect points and stamps for their purchases and redeem them for food and drink. In the … Read More

University of Leeds Reports 22.5% Gender Pay Gap

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The University has released its Gender Pay Gap 2017 report, which sets out and explains the institution’s ‘gender pay gap’ data from the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, and how they are working to eliminate the gap.  ‘Gender pay gap’ refers to the average salary of all women employed … Read More

Ex-Exec Embroiled in Transgender Rights Row

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Online forum Mumsnet has reported itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK data regulator, following an intern publishing the IP addresses of website users in a dispute over transgender rights. The intern in question, Emma Healey, served as LUU Equality and Diversity Officer and a trustee of the … Read More

A Letter to Rejjie Snow, following his seductive sold-out show at Stylus | 26.04.18

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Dear Rejjie, Your set may have been delayed by a few minutes due to technical difficulties, and you may have proceeded to call us Manchester about four times before your DJ reminded you what city you were in, but we don’t mind. You settled into Stylus with your characteristic style … Read More