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Victoria’s Secret’s ‘The Perfect Body’ campaign shows how society encourages female body-shaming

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Looking back at my adolescence, I remember a particular episode with great clarity: seeing cellulite on my legs for the first time when I was 19 and inducing myself into a state of panic. I went out and bought body brushes and moisturizers to try and tackle this unsightly, humiliating … Read More

Benevolent suspicion: The digital privacy debate

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Imagine your normal morning routine: You wake up, turn on the TV or stream some music whilst you get something to eat; you text some friends, perhaps even make a phone call; you quickly browse the internet for the latest news whilst messaging friends via Facebook. It all seems fairly … Read More

Tuition fees: Investment in future or expensive library pass?

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I pay £42 for every contact hour I have- Engineers pay only £18. Today, my two-hour lecture cost me £95, while their 5-hour day cost them £90. Who will earn more on graduating? As a History of Art student, I study what I love and enjoy my lectures. What I do … Read More

UKIP victory is a false dawn for British democracy

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It cannot be denied that UKIP have had a good month. Not only has Nigel Farage been invited to take part in the party leader’s TV debate in 2015, but Tory defector Douglas Carswell was recently elected as UKIP’s first MP in the Clacton by-election- a serious blow for the … Read More

NHS workers were right to go on strike

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It’s no secret that NHS workers are underpaid and overworked. Not many of us would agree to work 12 hour night shifts, unpaid overtime in a hugely stressful environment and earn between £21,000 and £27,000 to do so. Reports of budget cuts and chronic understaffing only serve to highlight the importance … Read More

Is ‘I Pray For You’ patronising?

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Whether you are the religious sort or a confirmed cynic, many have experienced a friend or acquaintance who is keen to tell you that you feature in their prayers. For some, this is a compliment. But to others, it is another method of imposing one’s religion. The Gryphon asks: is the … Read More

You are not alone

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As I pulled in to the car park of my halls in first year, I was filled with an all-consuming, sickening dread. How could I begin the new challenge of uni life when I was still exhausted from the battles I’d faced since my GCSEs? Was I allowed a fresh … Read More

Society Profile: Dance Expose

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Name: Dance Expose About: One of the biggest dance societies on campus with a huge range of different dance styles. Dance Expose competes and performs throughout the year, and is definitely one of the most competitive groups on campus. Whether you’re a ballerina or a commercial dancer, Dance Expose has … Read More

News| Leeds student and youngest double lung transplant patient Ayesha Ahmed passes away

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Ayesha Ahmed, a Chemical and Nuclear Engineering student at Leeds University died on the 25th July after developing pneumonia. The 21-year-old from Newcastle had suffered from rare Wegener’s Disease throughout her early life which caused her severe breathing difficulties. For most of nine years she relied on an oxygen machine 24-hours-a-day, … Read More

Music | Interview – Mø

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The last time LSi caught up with Danish indie-electronic artist MO it was October, she was supporting Aluna George at the Cockpit and had just released her debut E.P ‘Bikini Daze’. Now, four months later, she is on the brink of releasing her full length debut album and is bringing her headline tour to … Read More