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Edward Boyle cafe to be renamed following battle with Hyde Park Book Club

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The Leeds University has announced that they will change the name of the newly opened cafe in Edward Boyle library, The Book Club, following a dispute with local venue Hyde Park Book Club over the name. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “The University is committed to helping create a supportive … Read More

New café to open in Edward Boyle Library

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Great Food at Leeds have announced that they will be opening a café in Edward Boyle in early 2017. The café will be on level 9 and called ‘The Book Club’. Great Food at Leeds announced the news via a video on their Facebook. This comes as the second phase of the huge Edward … Read More

Has Game of Thrones gone too far in its portrayal of sexual violence against women?

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Surely I can’t have been the only one who saw this coming? We’ve known for a few episodes now that in order to get her revenge on the Boltons, Sansa was going to have to marry Ramsay. We knew that, unlike Tyrion, Ramsay wasn’t about to let her get away … Read More

Messy, multi-party politics: The Leaders’ Debate 2015

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Finally, the long-awaited leaders debate has materialised. The first challenge for our new multi-party democracy was to promote a critical and engaging discussion with a seven-way debate. This proved, as many might have predicted, a forlorn hope. The stage often appeared to host a loud re-enactment of Prime Ministers Questions, or … Read More

“Why should my depression define me?” The Germanwings plane crash and the stigma of mental illness

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It’s incredibly hard to put into words what mental illness means to me. I’ve tried more times than I can count, through years of therapy and stammered attempts at explanations to others, but the truth is, there’s no hard and fast way to even make myself understand the incredible blackness … Read More

Free speech on campus: the fight is closer to home than you thought

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The liberty of an individual within society is always limited. For society to function, there must exist a degree of oppression on an industrial scale and repression on an individual scale. People cannot simply be left to do as they please. Speech then, or the ability to express oneself, is … Read More

Let’s #askhermore

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Another season of awards, red carpets and cringeworthy acceptance speeches has come to a close, following the pattern of the hundreds of awards ceremonies before it but with one noticeable difference: women have decided enough is enough. For a long time, women have been treated as the face of the … Read More

Can you be a Page 3 girl and a feminist?

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Yes Charlotte Gray In the last few years, The Sun’s notorious ‘Page 3’ has become a go-to example of the lingering and anachronistic misogyny that underlines our society. The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign has gone from strength to strength and The Sun has been banned from sale in our … Read More

We shouldn’t be taxed for bleeding, period.

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Women who menstruate (and those who menstruate who don’t identify as women), have to pay tax on top of what they already have to fork out for sanitary products. This is because they are classified as non-essential, luxury items. Let’s be honest with ourselves: if men had periods, sanitary products would … Read More

Against the Bruce Amendment on abortion

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On Monday 23rd February, Conservative MP Fiona Bruce proposed her amendment to the 1967 Abortion Act. which would clarify that abortions on the basis of gender were illegal in the UK. Bruce has been leading this campaign for a while and sadly my initial reaction to this amendment was that … Read More