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The liberal who cried wolf

2 years ago / 0 comments

First things first; a disclaimer. Like 99% of the people I know I find Trump’s Muslim ban repulsive, ill thought out and counterproductive. As such it became a valid topic for what was Leeds’ third protest in just over a week, following the demonstrations after Trump’s inauguration and the Leeds … Read More

In The Spotlight: Leeds Labour Students

3 years ago / 0 comments

This Week, The Gryphon interviews Leeds Labour Student’s External Canvassing Coordinator, Liron Velleman, to find out more about what the society has to offer. Leeds Labour Students has a long history of bringing together Labour-supporting students and fighting for Labour values. Campaigning for Labour candidates on and off campus, the … Read More

Comment | Hammer and Fickle

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In the first of his caustic columns, the self anointed moral guardian of the country, known only as ‘Hammer & Fickle’, recounts a delightful afternoon spent enforcing his views on others on one of his triumphant crusades.  A blanket of darkness is descending upon this troubled isle and I don’t just mean … Read More