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Review: A Monster Calls – A darkly magical depiction of grief

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A Monster Calls, adapted from the novel by Patrick Ness and based on an original idea from Siobhan Dowd, tells the story of Conor (Lewis MacDougall), a young boy who is struggling to deal with bullies, his over bearing Grandmother, and his mother’s declining health. One night Conor is visited … Read More

Review: Silence – three hours of watching Scorsese’s ego

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Like a Penguin book or a Penguin chocolate bar, it seems all we need is a brand nowadays. This anxiety, that we must invest only in what we know, is wheedling its way ever-deeper into the arts, the old proven franchises (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc.) returning again and … Read More

Film | Non-Stop – an exciting thriller

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Image: StudioCanal Some actors are remembered by a trademark line. Schwarzenegger’s is “I’ll be back.” Jack Nicholson’s is “You can’t handle the truth.” Liam Neeson’s is “We’re running out of time.” He seems to say it in every action movie these days, usually because he is in a rush. Like … Read More