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Bundobust: Better Than Ever

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Mill Street in Leeds City Centre is home to an unassuming restaurant that is sure to blow your mind, boasting intense flavours, reasonable pricing, craft beer and sustainable dishes. For veggies, vegans and meat eaters alike, Bundobust offers some of the best indian street food Leeds has to offer. The … Read More

5 ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

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January can be a strange time of year. It’s a time when the post-Christmas-blues seep in, dry January hits hard, and summer is just too far away to seem real. On the other hand, it’s also a time for reflecting on the previous year and making some new goals for … Read More

The importance of body positivity

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The body is a constant and inevitable presence in our everyday lives. From how we decide to get dressed to what we like to eat, from the advertisements that torment us, to other people’s looks, we cannot avoid taking into consideration the body. Everything seems to affect our body and … Read More

Eight Best Ways to Beat the January Blues

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The turkey’s been long eaten, the presents all opened, New Years is just a blur, and we’re back at Uni. Not to mention the fact that bank accounts are looking pretty empty and the cold weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling after … Read More

Keeping a Diary: A Real Form of Art

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This year, turn over a new leaf, take up a new hobby and start writing a diary. Lifestyle and Culture Editor, Bella Davis, offers some pointers on getting started.  The beginning of the year is often characterised by the setting of goals and resolutions, and the consequential fallout from the … Read More

The Good Place

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From the showrunner of The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation comes an existential comedy about the afterlife. The Good Place follows Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, as she finds herself in a waiting room facing a large green sign saying ‘Welcome! Everything is Fine.’ It is then that … Read More

Female Body Hair, Is It Accepted?

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Arvida Bryström, does the name ring a bell? Arvida is a Swedish model who challenges gender stereotypes and promotes mental health awareness. But this time she is making headlines for another reason. The twenty-six-year-old recently appeared in an Adidas superstars campaign, where she showed off her unshaven legs. Since then, … Read More

Never have I ever played a drinking game…

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the sheer amount of drinking first years get up to. So it only seems natural to help you on your nights out to Fruity, Mission and the like by giving you some drinking games to help set off your careers of long nights and … Read More

Podcasts: Let’s Switch Tunes for Talks!

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Podcasts are seriously underrated and have been around for 10 years now. Therefore, it seems only fair to shed some worthy light on the humble podcast. If you are an avid podcast listener looking for some new ear candy, or a rookie looking to broaden your podcast horizons, then take … Read More

Go Hard but Get Home

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As the new semester kicks off and students arrive back in Leeds, its very likely you’ll be spending a few evenings sampling the city’s night life. Leeds certainly has plenty to offer students with a wide array of different venues to suit all personal tastes in music and culture. It … Read More