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Alfie Deyes’ Fall from Grace

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Over the last few years, the term ‘YouTuber’ has certainly developed negative connotations. Once your humble ‘girl-next-door’ type, YouTubers have obtained near-celebrity status, boasting 8-figure lists of subscribers, exclusive meet-ups and branded merch. YouTube sensation and ringleader Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, for example, has a Twitter following of 13.4 million. … Read More

Redefining Beauty

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Laura McDermott talks about the importance of reshaping traditional beauty standards, exploring some of the figures at the forefront. Beauty standards have been an integrated part of nearly every culture for thousands of years. From Ancient Egypt to Greece, the Golden age of Hollywood to the postmodern beauty of today, … Read More

Too Many Books Spoil the Plot

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It’s very common for a reading slump to hit hard for many students who have been powering through copious amounts of reading related to their degree. Lifestyle and Culture Editor, Bella Davis, takes a look at the challenges she has faced whilst learning to read for pleasure again after finishing … Read More

Is Britain Talentless?

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Arts Editor, Steph Bennett, fails to see the worth in the nation’s favourite talent show.  Last Saturday marked the return of Britain’s Got Talent, the talent programme that has become so revered that it not only draws applicants from the world over, but has prompted other countries to develop their … Read More

Hybridised TV Shows: Are We Just Recreating New Versions of Old Classics?    

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Even if the TV world is codified in several specific genres, hybridised television series that intertwine those different types of storylines are arising. Turning on the TV used to mean always seeing the same things. A crime TV series, then a romance, and between those two a cooking show to … Read More

How to Land a Summer Job

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Now that the January blues have finally worn off and exam results have been released, it may feel as if there are no more excuses getting in the way of you and the perfect summer job. In today’s competitive job market, getting employment has never been so useful and summer … Read More

Watch Your Mouth: How Turns of Phrase Belittle Mental Illness

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‘I’m so depressed…’ ‘She’s such a psycho…’ ‘Sorry, I’m a little bit OCD!’ You’ve probably heard all of these phrases more than once – perhaps even used them yourself. They seem harmless enough in the moment, but in the long term the colloquialization of these phrases in everyday conversation could … Read More

Wake Up Feeling Fresh

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We all hate getting out of bed in the morning. Take a look at these top tips to getting out of bed with ease feeling fresh. As we slowly inch into second semester, those 9am starts aren’t getting any easier. As the days go past, being able to get out … Read More

How to Cure Your Food Fetish and/or Raging Hangover

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Leeds boasts a wide variety of culinary experiences to try, enough to spoil you for choice throughout your entire university tenure. Whether you’re out to celebrate, going for a date, or simply out to cure yourself of the imminent feeling of death that last night’s alcohol-fuelled antics left you with, … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 11 Review and Analysis: The Return of the Cherry Pie

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Warning: this article includes spoilers, do not read unless you have been following Twin Peaks: The Return All is not what it seems in the poor old town of Twin Peaks. This week’s episode seamlessly flows from the horror-esque images of Hasting’s half mauled, half-chewed looking head to the dry-humour … Read More