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Why BBC2’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ has got people talking

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Muslims Like Us is a two-part BBC2 programme documenting ten British Muslims living under one roof. Soraya Ali and Mira Mookerjee give us their opinions and try to pin down just what’s got everyone talking about the programme. “The show beautifully captured the struggles British Muslims and immigrants face daily…” … Read More

Starting a Food Revolution with Billy Collins

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Last week, Leeds University Union played host to an innovative event: Leeds Creatives. The events saw creative people from in and around Leeds come to give speeches about the great work they’re doing to improve the city. One of those people was Billy Collins, proprietor of Honest Edibles, a vegan … Read More

John Lewis: The reign is over

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The John Lewis Christmas advert is here, which can only mean one thing, the start of the festive season… Over the past five years the department store has become renowned for its tear-  jerkers. However, this year sees a break in tradition with a more light-hearted approach featuring Buster the … Read More

Should Bob Dylan Have Won The Nobel Prize For Literature?

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Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature last week for ‘having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition’. The news proved joyous for some – a travesty for others… Can a song be literature? Why not? Because it isn’t bound in a book; didn’t wax … Read More

Michael Connelly in Leeds: Bosch is back…

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Last Tuesday American crime author Michael Connelly, best known for his novel-turned-Hollywood blockbuster The Lincoln Lawyer and the infamous Bosch series, held a signing at Waterstones Leeds for the nineteenth instalment of his beloved series. Connelly, who has been a crime fiction writer for 23 years and boasts a career … Read More

Review: The Get Down

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Created by Baz Luhrmann, music co-produced by East Coast hip-hop golden child, Nas, and costing $120 million to produce, The Get Down is a melting pot with all the right ingredients to rival Stranger Things to the title of Netflix’s best original series of 2016. Like Stranger Things, The Get … Read More

The Odyssey of The Yorkshire Dales

2 years ago / 2 comments

CAMPING. At its best, an edifying rendezvous between man and nature. At its worst, an excruciating week of bitter, sleepless nights and cabin fever. This summer, I camped with my family in the Yorkshire Dales, a stone’s throw from Leeds (provided you can throw a stone about twenty miles or so), … Read More