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When Slam Poetry Turns to Slamming Poetry

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When the worlds of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture collide, clashes will always be inevitable. Presidents on Twitter, political campaigns fuelled by popular music, and even memes used as classroom props have all been topics of debate in recent years, but now it is time for the attack on so-called ‘social ... Read More

The Paperback vs. The E-Book

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  With the advancing digital age, the popularity of the ‘e-book’ has risen constantly. Is it time therefore time that we swap the novel gathering dust in the corner for a portable tablet? Or will the sensory experience of reading a traditional paperback always outdo that of the e-book.       The battle of electronic vs. paper is affected by factors such as form and … Read More

The value of young adult literature, and why it transcends age boundaries

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It’s summer. Which for most of us, means catching up on the things we miss out on during the academic year, like reading for leisure. I was recently scanning the Young Adult (YA) section of my local Waterstones, when a worrying question was asked of me. At what age are … Read More

Headingley Literature Festival celebrates local and international literature

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Headingley Literature Festival is a programme of events occurring around the production of literature in Yorkshire. This focuses specifically on Headingley here in Leeds, however organisers are also keen to celebrate a diverse range of literature from around the world. Sally Bavage works as a fundraiser on the organising committee, … Read More

In defence of trashy romance novels

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Something incredible happened last week. I picked up the latest Shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella and yes, it was every bit as good as I had hoped. All week I have been jabbering to my friends about how “I love the book, even if it is girly”, until it occurred … Read More

Should Bob Dylan Have Won The Nobel Prize For Literature?

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Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature last week for ‘having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition’. The news proved joyous for some – a travesty for others… Can a song be literature? Why not? Because it isn’t bound in a book; didn’t wax … Read More

Michael Connelly in Leeds: Bosch is back…

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Last Tuesday American crime author Michael Connelly, best known for his novel-turned-Hollywood blockbuster The Lincoln Lawyer and the infamous Bosch series, held a signing at Waterstones Leeds for the nineteenth instalment of his beloved series. Connelly, who has been a crime fiction writer for 23 years and boasts a career … Read More

Comment | Is Education Too Eurocentric?

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When it comes to education, politicians are very dismissive when it comes to the inclusion of authors of colour in GCSE and A-level syllabuses. It is blatantly obvious that these authors are under-represented, yet any reference to an author of colour, however small, is instantly used as an example of integrative … Read More

EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison

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EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison ‘Place yourselves on the step between Persia and Afghanistan in the year 1837, as you watch the newly coronated Shah of Iran march to Herat.’ So began William Dalrymple’s immensely gripping book festival talk. As with many things in life, the first Anglo-Afghan … Read More