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Student Loans Company Chief Sacked for Gross Misconduct

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The chief of the Student Loans Company, Steve Lamey, has been sacked after a long investigation into his conduct and behaviour. Lamey was suspended in July and it was announced this week that his contract had been terminated. He has held the post for just over a year, with a … Read More

1 in 3 students can’t afford food

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Study claims students are struggling to afford necessities and are having their health put at risk by high debt. New research has revealed that debt is adversely affecting students in ever greater numbers. The scrapping of the maintenance grant and a further rise in tuition fees has spiralled the cost … Read More

Students use sex to pay for degrees

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A recent survey has looked into the quirky methods students resort to when their loan isn’t enough. A recent survey carried out by Voucher Codes Pro found that British students are resorting to all sorts of quirky ways to help them raise money to help fund their degree, including the … Read More

NUS calls for students to boycott the National Student Survey

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Sorana Vieru, the Vice-President Higher Education at the National Union of Students, or NUS, has called for students to boycott the National Student Survey to stop plans to raise fees based on university performance. The National Student Survey, or NSS, is sent annually to final year undergraduate students as a … Read More

Students turn to payday loans as living costs rise

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In a survey of over 1000 students, research from Future Finance has found over 30% of these have turned to payday loans, credit cards and overdrafts to cover financial expenses while at university. This suggests a third of students are relying on money sourced outside of student grants and loans. … Read More

Students who default on their loans should be arrested, claims Think Tank

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The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has suggested that students, and in particular those who come from the EU to study in Britain, should be arrested and prosecuted if they don’t pay back their student loans. If an overseas student goes back to their home country after graduation, or if … Read More

Loan system perpetuates inequality, study finds

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A new academic study has found that the British student loan system reproduces inequalities due to the unspoken expectation that student loans will be supplemented by family income. Lorenza Antonucci, a social policy and sociology lecturer at Teeside University, published the study in the book Student Lives in Crisis: Deepening … Read More

Leeds University seeks Brexit clarification

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The University of Leeds has issued a statement to The Gryphon seeking to reassure students in the wake of a Brexit vote which continues to be mired in uncertainty. In a week when #WeAreInternational banners litter campus to welcome international students to their studies, a spokesperson for the University reiterated … Read More

Debate | Should the student loan book be sold?

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After the privatisation of pre-1998 student debt last November the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that the pre-2012 student loan book would also be up for sale to private companies, with plans of completing this sale by 2015. Although this move does help to reduce public sector debt, it also means … Read More

News | Student loans campaign gains momentum

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A group of students is set to tackle the government’s controversial plans to privatise student loans. Students from a range of backgrounds met this week to plan Leeds’ role in the nationwide week of action that begins on February 3. Action considered includes a march and the occupation of university … Read More