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Poison Ivy: the ethics of Ivy Park

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Are we blinded by brand Beyoncé? Lucy Brown exposes… In 2016 Beyoncé surprised us again when she burst onto the retail fashion scene with her active wear collection, Ivy Park. The collection aims to be durable, flexible and also fashionable with a minimalistic look despite the Ivy Park logo being splashed across … Read More

High street knock-offs: Keeping the wheels turning?

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Are high street knock offs of high-end brands plain plagiarism or a welcome dose of fashion democracy? Copying or inspiration? The two words carry very different definitions and also very different meanings, especially in the fashion industry. There has been endless debate as to whether high street knock-offs are keeping … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Crazy contour and frightening face paint – the guide to Halloween makeup

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Halloween week is upon us and every year it’s the one time where you can let your imagination go wild with your outfit and makeup. All Halloween week there are countless events and parties, great opportunities to have some fun, with makeup that really pops! There are lots of creative … Read More