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Hollywood’s Binary Sexuality Problem

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In an industry where LGBTQ+ characters have historically been treated as tropes, plot devices and stereotypes, it seems as though an effort has been made to change the way LGBTQ+ characters are presented on our screens. In recent years particularly, with television programmes such as Orange is the New Black … Read More

Times Up: We need to push for action, not words

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In the midst of this watershed moment, where many are calling out sexual misconduct and demanding diversity in the workplace, the importance of not only speaking out, but also taking action, is paramount. The Hollywood industry, in recent years particularly, is one that has been characterised by this struggle for … Read More

The Battle of the Titans: Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universe

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With the release of ‘Justice League’, DC’s plan for an expansive cinematic universe has been set in motion. But how do their films compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what makes them so different? Marvel and DC Entertainment are two powerhouse franchises that always seem to be placed in … Read More

Thor: Ragnarok – defying Marvel tropes

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In Thor: Ragnarok, the “God of Thunder from Down Under” resurfaces from his notable absence since Avengers: Age of Ultron, smashing the box office and hammering home the comedy in a film that embodies all the characteristics of a great Marvel spectacle. As we start to get to the core … Read More

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Problem

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With the multiple allegations currently surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Arts Writer Lucy Carr examines the culture of sexual assault within Hollywood. As more stories emerge every day, the world is left to watch in horror as the darker side of Hollywood unravels before our eyes. In light of the recent outpouring … Read More

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll in WYP’s Reasons To Be Cheerful

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Produced by the innovative Graeae Theatre Company who ‘place D/deaf and disabled artists centre-stage’, Reasons to Be Cheerful is an energetic, political and truly unique production. Set against the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain, the story follows the laughter and pain of a working-class community and their adoration for Ian Dury and The … Read More

Survival Drama Meets Romance in The Mountain Between Us

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Director Hany Abu-Assad brings us The Mountain Between Us: a survival meets romance meets adventure film based off the similarly titled book by Charles Martin. The story follows photo-journalist Alex (Winslet) and Neurosurgeon Ben (Elba) who, after being caught up in a plane crash, are left to face a man versus nature … Read More

Anime Classic Your Name: Whitewashed Edition

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With the distant release of Your Name, will Hollywood surpass fans’ expectations? Or will it release yet another anime adaptation flop with whitewashed roles and unfaithful storytelling? In the world of Hollywood, film sequels and remakes seem to be an ever growing, dominating force at the box-office. The endeavour of turning classic … Read More