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Bad Sounds: Helping you to Get Better

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Bad Sounds’ frontmen, and brothers, sit down with our writer Lucy Ingram before their halloween show at Brudenell Social Club to talk about their tour and debut album, Get Better. Defining Bad Sounds’ music is a tricky task. The fresh, infectious band evades easy categorisation, saying “we don’t identify as an indie … Read More

The Colourful Indie-Pop of Bad Sounds Comes To The Wardrobe, 31.10.18

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The colourful indie-pop band with a flair for the unusual, Bad Sounds are taking over after the release of their debut album Get Better. Their first EP, PHRESSSH succinctly summed up the band’s energy and introduced them to the world. Get Better was released this year and includes favourites such as … Read More

Father John Misty develops his musical persona in ‘God’s Favorite Customer’

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Father John Misty’s fourth LP, God’s Favorite Customer, lives up to the hype created by the success of his previous album. Pure Comedy was released only last year and was regarded as one of the best albums of 2017. Misty’s new album, released June 1st, proves he is a prolific … Read More

In The Middle with The Strypes

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The Strypes must be one of the most grounded bands around. This is somewhat surprising considering they rose to fame in their early teens and have gained fans such as Elton John, Dave Grohl and Noel Gallagher. The four-piece band from Cavan, Ireland, spoke to me before their Brudenell gig … Read More

Mulholland Drive: A baffling masterpiece for the ages

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Widely considered one of the best and most confusing films of all time, David Lynch’s psychological thriller Mulholland Drive is just as brilliant as it was almost 16 years ago. A newly restored version of the film has been screening across the UK, preceding a special edition DVD release this … Read More

Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

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The master of sarcasm strikes again with his latest and most satirical album, Pure Comedy. This marks Josh Tillman’s third album as Father John Misty, which was complemented with a 25 minute short film and includes a 13 minute song. His politically charged energy and quiet anger is evident in … Read More

The Order of Time by Valerie June

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Valerie June has just released her first album since 2013. The Order of Time, her fourth album, showcases her folk roots whilst being alternative and fresh. The 12 songs include orchestral strings as well as soul and country influences. She has been making music for over 10 years and has … Read More

HEXA @ Howard Assembly Room, 17/02/17

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This concert was not for the faint hearted. HEXA have created a musical response to David Lynch’s ‘Factory Photographs’, a collection of images Lynch took of disused factories and the ruins of industry in the USA, Poland, Germany and the UK. As a massive David Lynch fan I was eager … Read More