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Leeds Pride: why the celebration is vital to equality

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I had never attended Leeds Pride until last Saturday, after meaning to visit the previous year but unfortunately being away for the weekend. This time, I grasped the opportunity with both hands. I’ll admit that I did not know what to expect. Whilst I had spoken to the organisers prior … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump is no Jeremy Corbyn

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Since Donald Trump won the Presidential election there has been a lot of, I believe, lazy comparisons between him and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst, as I will argue, they are similar in the sense of both being unfit for office, there is a significant difference between them, namely one … Read More

After Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory to retain leadership of the party, The Gryphon asks: is Labour doomed?

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Yes – Daniel J. Levy At his re-coronation as Labour’s leader on Saturday, Jeremy Corbyn pledged to draw a clean slate under his party’s bruising post-Brexit civil war. Old adversaries would be welcomed back into the fold, and hopefully Labour would go on to effectively challenge the hated Tories along … Read More

Why we should stand behind the junior doctors and their strikes

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It is seemingly always debated, when strikes happen, what is the point of them, what do they achieve, these are just a few of the silly questions asked. Their opponents tend to attack the strikers as “jumping the gun” and aim to remind them that strikes are meant to be … Read More

Labour, there is no virtue in division, only unity

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One of the greatest lessons yet to be learned is that a political party, of any colour, has to be united to stand even the remotest chance of winning. Robert Webb’s and other former Labour Party members’ denouncement of Jeremy Corbyn will, I expect, cause far more harm than good. … Read More

Surprising Unity Despite Political Divides

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  The Union’s Political Societies debated key issues, from tax Credits to the EU, at Friday’s Question Time debate which was chaired by Politics student Edward Hardy. The issue of cuts to tax credits saw the political societies united. All of the societies involved opposed the moves with the Conservative … Read More

Tributes Paid to Former Lecturer

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A former University Of Leeds lecturer has died after falling fifty feet whilst hiking in the US. Professor Alexei Likhtman was pronounced dead at 12:00pm local time on Sunday after paramedics were unable to save him. He left Leeds University in 2007 after eight years of working as a lecturer … Read More