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Leaked Letter Reveals NUS’ Serious Financial Difficulties

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A leaked letter has revealed that the NUS (National Union of Students) is set to post a financial deficit of £3 million this year. The letter, sent to all affiliated Students’ Unions by NUS President Shakira Martin and Acting Chief Executive Peter Robertson, has revealed the full extent of the … Read More

LUU’s Most A-Compelling Singing Group

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Sitting down with the co-Presidents of LUU A Capella Society, George Hulkes and Patrick Ashby, Susy Goldstone discusses the ins-and-outs of singing without music. So, how is LUU A Capella Society structured? George: This year we’ve had a really big change. Last year we had a group called the Cosmopolitones … Read More

Tell Me More: Helping Societies Do More

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Speaking with LUU’s Activities Officer, Lauren Huxley, Susy Goldstone discusses the Union’s programme for making inclusive societies a reality. Inclusivity. Accessibility. We all like to think that we implement these words within our societies, but do LUU societies actually go far enough in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their individual needs, is included? LUU … Read More

Leeds Students Take to London’s Streets to Campaign for a People’s Vote

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On the 20th of October, Leeds students boarded coaches at 6am to head down to London. A sea of people greeted us as we exited the coaches at Hyde Park tube station, the point from which the March would soon depart. Amidst this sea, EU flags, banners, homemade signs and … Read More

University of Leeds Accused of Investing in Companies with Alleged Links to Human Rights Abuses

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The University reportedly invested over £2,000,000 in companies that are accused of being linked to the implementation of human rights abuses against Palestinians. An Open Letter from LUU Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG) to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds has criticised the University, accusing it of investing a … Read More

Leeds Opens Applications for its First University Challenge Team since 2011

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Leeds University Union are searching for the five brightest students at Leeds to send to University Challenge for the first time since 2011. If you consider yourself to be a serial quizzer or a genius just waiting to be discovered, then this is your chance to show your housemates that … Read More

University of Leeds Launches StandAlone Pledge for Estranged Students

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This month the University of Leeds will launch its ‘StandAlone pledge’, part of a nation-wide scheme to help estranged students studying without the support or approval of a family network. StandAlone estimates that there are around 70 estranged students currently studying here. The pledge aims to focus on ‘finance, accommodation, … Read More

Leeds Ranks in Top Six ‘All-Rounder’ Universities, ‘Which? University’ Survey Reveals

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The University of Leeds ranked in the top six ‘all-rounder’ UK universities, according to Which? University’s 2018 survey. When choosing which university to attend, prospective students’ opinions are mainly formed by what each university decides to showcase them. Open days, visit days and university prospectuses allow higher education institutions to … Read More

Brexit Means Remain? The Thousands Marching for a ‘People’s Vote’

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Love it or hate it, Brexit is everywhere. Arguably the most defining political issue of our time, it is impossible to escape. The People’s vote campaign is seeking a referendum on the final Brexit deal, with one choice on the ballot being to remain in the EU. The campaign is … Read More

Meet the New Presidents of LUU’s Theatre Group and Open Theatre

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Views Editor Ed Barnes talks new projects and daunting audition processes with Theatre Group‘s Katie Austin and Open Theatre‘s Eve Walton So first of all, to any readers who haven’t heard of your societies, what is it that you do? EVE: So Open Theatre (OT) is an experimental theatre society. … Read More