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Outfit of the Week

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1 . Handmade // 2. Primark // 3. ASOS It’s getting to that time of year where cocktail evenings are a regular occurrence, and definitely necessary for 1) handing absolutely anything in, 2) completing absolutely any exam and 3) absolutely anyone’s birthday. With all these occasions to dress up for, … Read More

Nicki Minaj: Feminist Fashion Statement or Attention Seeking Wardrobe Malfunction?

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Part of me sees the irony in even mentioning Nicki Minaj’s latest clutch at the limelight; on one hand, by the mention of her name on paper, I’m giving her the attention she definitely doesn’t deserve. On the other, I’m so outraged that her one-in-one-out attire made in into Bazaar’s … Read More

Is Depop the future of fashion?

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Love it, hate it, or simply can’t be bothered with it – there’s no denying that Depop is a key player in the fashion world, and not an app to be overlooked. But does Depop have an expiry date? And is it building a sustainable community, or simply encouraging unnecessary  purchases?  … Read More

TIME.LESS: The Show of the Year

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Leeds Rag Fashion Show is commonly known as the hottest event in the fashion conscious student’s calendar. With this year’s RAG Fashion show fast approaching we decided to find out from the team what’s in store with this exclusive interview.  What is the reasoning behind it?  This year’s theme is … Read More

Window Shopping: Treat or Torture?

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There are two types of people in this world: those that shop for fun, and those that shop for necessity. If you’re the first, you may well be inclined to argue that window shopping is a joy; a leisurely activity that requires no expenditure, provides all the inspiration you need … Read More

Outfit of the Week: Tasha

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Name: Tasha Coat, Top and Dungarees: Vintage Shoes: Puma As it’s Leeds, it’s no surprise that our first ‘Outfit of the Week’ features vintage, vintage and more vintage. A furry coat is the statement of the season, keeping you cosy and warm yet effortlessly stylish all at once. Easy to … Read More

Bodysuits: Bae or nay?

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Bodysuits are like marmite, either you love them, or you hate them. Whatever way, you’re almost bound to have tried them, or at the very least, wanted to. But are they really worth the hassle? Is that seamless silhouette justification for a night of awkward toilet situations? Fashion Editors Ellie … Read More

Thinking Vintage: Our top picks for second hand clothing

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If you like quirky, retro garments, you’ve come to the right University. Leeds provides a hub of vintage clothing shops, ideal for those of us bored of the high street repeats, looking to shop more ethically or just trying to stretch that student loan. The real question is not whether … Read More

Too little, too late?

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Everyone’s talking about the ban on underweight models taken by major French fashion companies, but is it really worth all the attention? New Fashion editor, Lydia Varney, gives us her take on the latest change to the runway. With the news emerging that as of October 1st, two major French … Read More

Introducing five fabulous fashionistas: meet the fashion editors

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Hello fellow fashionistas! Welcome to the fashion section of The Gryphon, where we discuss all things funky and fabulous. Despite the beginning of uni looming and that feeling of panic creeping in as we begin to realise what a good idea it would have been to actually have READ the … Read More