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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: What Now…? Technology’s plan to take over fashion retail

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The first step was online shopping, and although it first seemed little competition for the trusty catalogue, it wasn’t long before the likes of ASOS became our go-to for a new party dress. The likes of Depop then sprang up on the mobile, followed shortly by increasing amounts of wearable … Read More

Why tits have nothing to do with it

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Emma Watson is definitely not the only one confused at the negative backlash concerning her latest photoshoot for Vanity Fair. Whilst critics argue that it is hypocritical of her to pose in a revealing manner given her feminist ideals, the rest of us might argue that they really don’t understand … Read More

What the fall of cosmetic surgery really means

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Although the decline in cosmetic surgery can only be considered a good thing, Lydia Varney discusses how our unhealthy obsession with make up is filling the void… Statistics have shown that the number of surgical procedures undertaken in 2016 dropped by 40% from 2015. Promising news if you’re all for … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The student friendly gift guide

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Most student budgets are hard enough to stick to at the best of times, and near impossible come Christmas. From endless socials to completely unnecessary Christmas party outfits, our bank balances seem to be ever decreasing. Buying presents is yet another unavoidable Christmas money-guzzler; however there’s no need to go … Read More

Dressing Ethically: Is it worth it?

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We all know our favourite high street brands aren’t exactly the most ethical of retailers, but it seems that most of us are willing to turn a blind eye to this fact in order to gain cheap fashion fixes or a new party outfit. I’ve had this conversation enough times … Read More

An unlikely gender pay-gap

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In a society where women struggle to get paid equally for the same jobs as men, it seems as though the modelling industry might be the one place where the tables are turned. Last week it was announced by top modelling agency Premier that male models can earn up to … Read More