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The Depression Diaries: 365 Days Later…

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So much can change in a year. If you told me one year ago I’d be where I am now I would have laughed in your face hysterically, until the hysterical laughter became hysterical tears, because the idea of thinking one year ahead was too much to handle. I have … Read More

MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: F is for Fitness

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We all know that it’s important to keep a well-balanced and healthy life, you don’t need me to preach it to you. But did you know that during exercise your brain releases the ‘happy’ chemical, serotonin, which is the same chemical present in many anti-depressants such as Fluoxetine and Citalopram? … Read More

MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: C is for Caring

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When thinking about how my friends and family have cared for me and helped me over the past 7 years, I often neglect their own views on how they think what they have done has impacted me and my recovery. I thought it would be interesting, therefore, to ask them … Read More

MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: B is for Borderline Personality Disorder

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Something that I am always going to advocate is that you should never feel ashamed of your mental health. You wouldn’t be ashamed of having a peanut allergy or being diabetic so why feel shame for a mental illness? I am not ashamed of having depression or anxiety, but for … Read More

MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: A is for Anxiety

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When 4.7% of the UK population are currently experiencing an anxiety disorder, it is hard to understand why such conditions are still such a taboo in our society. Being part of the special club of people whose brains have decided to punish and torment us with irrational fears and place … Read More