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The ugly face of the beauty industry: an inclusivity scandal

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Charlotte Loughlin discusses Tarte Cosmetics’ newest foundation and its “embarassing” shade range which fails to be inclusive to POC. In January, Tarte Cosmetics came under fire from the beauty community after the release of its much-anticipated Shape Tape Foundation in both matte and hydrating formulas. The Foundation, inspired by Tarte’s … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model!

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As the months begin to get colder, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one we all look forward to watching, and we all hope and dream of looking like the angels one day. Well, this year we can, as they’ve collaborated with Max Factor who will be creating the make … Read More

Ethical Beauty For Less

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Last week I felt like the worst vegetarian ever. For I discovered that some of my favourite brands such as MAC, Maybelline and Max Factor are not entirely ethical to my furry friends. Though a complete ban on cosmetic testing on animals and the sales of animal tested products, was passed in the EU in 2013, there still exists some loopholes which mean that not all of our beauty products are entirely cruelty free. Despite the 2013 ban, cosmetic giants must still comply with local law abroad. For example, if Max Factor sell their mascara in China, … Read More

Summer Beauty

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There’s an honesty in the 2015 spring look. From massaging the cheeks to create a natural rosy flush to the minimalistic fine eye liner on the eyes. This spring is all about the au naturale. To achieve this you need to create clear and dewy skin. Using primers and CC … Read More

Dear Cupid…

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Dear Cupid…Heart-Adorned Valentine’s Items Please!