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Sometimes the biggest changes in our lives are from saying no, not from saying yes Have you experienced the struggle of not wanting to agree to a friends request before? If so, I bet you’d agree that it is often a choice between pleasing people, or letting yourself down. I’ve … Read More

January blues: keeping your spirits high

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Man Ting Yu shares her tips for keeping your spirits high in January. Here we are, nearing the end of January! Exams are finally over, but although you may have nailed your tests, January blues can still creep up on you. The colder weather this month is a huge contrast … Read More

Agony aunt: homesickness at university

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“I’ve been struggling with homesickness since arriving at university. What is your advice for someone who misses being at home?” Many people say you are going to miss home when you eventually leave ‘the nest’.  And it’s true. I remember struggling the first few nights at university, and thinking, ‘How … Read More