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Films to Watch: March

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We take a look at the month’s most exciting releases. Annihilation (12/03, Netflix) The latest film from director Alex Garland (Ex Machina) and starring Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Oscar Isaacs, Annihilation looks like it might become the next big sci-fi classic. A Wrinkle In Time (22/03) Directed … Read More

Thousands march through Leeds in anti-Trump rally

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Protesters gathered at Dortmund Square on Monday evening, in an ad-hoc merging of protests organised by Stand Up to Racism and Momentum. Though the two had stated different reasons for their protests, the emotions on display were intense, despite that the UK Government has had only a week of relations … Read More

15,000 march through London to protest government higher education plans

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Last Saturday thousands of students and lecturers from across the UK travelled to London for the event which began with a march from Park Lane to Parliament Square followed by a rally including speakers such as the NUS president Malia Bouattia and the prominent left-wing writer and journalist Owen Jones. … Read More

NUS holding demo against higher education changes this weekend

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This weekend in London the NUS demo will take place and University of Leeds is taking students along. For this event, the NUS has joined forces with the University and College Union. Higher education is changing dramatically – NHS bursaries and maintenance grants have been scrapped, the student loan terms … Read More

NUS march through London planned for November

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The National Union of Students is organising a demonstration in central London to raise awareness of the rising costs of attending higher education and to oppose cuts to college funding. The march is scheduled to take place on the 19th November. The NUS hopes the march will highlight the impending … Read More

Blogs | March Madness

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I’m writing this at my desk, staring at storm clouds and rain dripping down the window pane, with my portable heater on maximum. This serves me right for being smug about Berlin’s lack of winter and the glorious sunshine we’ve had the past few weeks. I also suspect it’s because … Read More

News | Student loans campaign gains momentum

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A group of students is set to tackle the government’s controversial plans to privatise student loans. Students from a range of backgrounds met this week to plan Leeds’ role in the nationwide week of action that begins on February 3. Action considered includes a march and the occupation of university … Read More

Women to march against rape to ‘Reclaim the Night’

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30.11.12 This Saturday hundreds of women will be taking to the streets to ‘Reclaim the Night’. The women will be marching through Leeds city centre asserting women’s right to feel free from the fear of rape and male violence in any form. ‘Reclaim The Night’ has a long tradition in … Read More