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The Gryphon asks: should a country ever introduce conscription?

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Yes – Kane Emmerson Last week it was announced that Sweden has reintroduced conscription amidst rising tensions in the Baltic and a fall in recruitment numbers. It joins Estonia, Finland, Norway and Austria in requiring some military service from young people. Whilst Sweden’s choice was decided by a perceived threat … Read More

Why Fairey’s headscarf shows solidarity and not oppression

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At first glance the image of a women wearing a headscarf made of the American flag is a serious act of support for American Muslims. However does this misrepresent Muslim women and are we excusing the oppression of women around the world by accepting the headscarf and what it can … Read More

Stop beliddleing women!

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After reading Rod Liddle’s misogynistic piece on Emma Watson, all you can do is gasp. The irony is perfect. A speech at the UN on fighting for the equality of women, dismissed as ‘whiny, leftie, PC crap’. There’s a difference between going crazy, political correctness, and fighting inequality. It’s ridiculous! … Read More