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Mental Health A-Z: R is for Regrets

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In Italy we have this saying, ‘meglio vivere di rimorsi che di rimpianti’. The problem is that English commonly uses the same word for both the Italian “rimorso” and “rimpianto”, which is regret. Therefore, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, regret is ‘sore, remorse, or repentance due to reflection on … Read More

#EDAW16: A survivor’s story

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I will always remember what one of my friends said to me, maybe a couple of years ago: ‘I still wonder how people can live not knowing exactly how many calories there are in what they are eating”. It may sound silly, even funny to someone, but to me it … Read More

Make the first move, you won’t regret it

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I’ve never been the prettiest girl in school. Actually, as a teenager I wasn’t pretty at all. I can hear you saying this is not true: that I’m beautiful and full of interesting qualities. Well, trust me when I say that when I was seventeen I was totally not. I … Read More

Postcard From Leeds

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I remember the exact moment when they told me I was going to spend one year in the UK. I was electrified, scared and probably million other things at the same time. I know that people can’t often understand what it’s like when you have a dream and then you … Read More