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IntheMiddle with Matt Maltese ahead of stunning performance at Belgrave, 12/04

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Matt Maltese is leading the way into a new era of song-writing, enamouring more and more listeners with his distinctive voice and romantic sway. Matt joins Sarah Oglesby on a rainy day in the warmth of The Belgrave Music Hall to chat about his song writing, musical influences, and the … Read More

Matt Maltese @ Oporto, 7/11

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Last week in our interview, I remember being taken aback when Matt Maltese said he didn’t feel super successful; but now I understand. As he confidently advanced through the crowd of twenty-somethings towards the stage in his signature dark brown mobster-esque suit, I considered how small the venue at Oporto … Read More

In The Middle with Matt Maltese

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Based in South London, 20 year old singer Matt Maltese has been rising slowly through the ranks since 2015 with his distinctive rich vocals and melancholy piano melodies. With an album and several EPs under his belt, this year has proved to be his most successful; opening for the Maccabees … Read More

Matt Maltese to play Oporto, 7/11

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It’s the final night on earth… Donald Trump and Theresa May have just pressed the Big Red Button… before slinking into the bedroom. This scene, horrifying and humorous in equal measure, was the inspiration for Matt Maltese’s sleazy ballad ’As the World Caves in’, and the outcome demonstrates the artist’s … Read More