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10 Leeds spots you have to visit this year

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Starting university is both an interesting and daunting transition in life. It can be overwhelming to arrive in a new city, for some even a new country, and when first arriving in Leeds it can be difficult to get the grip of such a big and vibrant place. First year … Read More

Leeds teenager jailed over student attack

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An 18-year-old Leeds man who attacked a female student in April of last year yesterday received an extended sentence of twelve years, eight of which must be spent in prison. Cameron Higgins carried out his attack on the young woman on the day he celebrated his seventeenth birthday, after a night … Read More

News | Student falls victim to knife attack

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A 21 year old woman, believed to be a student, has been mugged in Meanwood by two men using a knife. The victim was approached from behind by the attackers who cut the straps of her backpack with a knife. The girl sustained cuts to her hands and shoulder. The … Read More