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Sibongile Tshabalala – ‘Battling HIV in South Africa’

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The Gryphon speaks to Sibongile Tshabalala, activist and chairperson of Treatment Action Campaign, about the continuing fight against HIV and the struggle to make treatment affordable. In the early Noughties, 1700 South Africans died per day as a result of diseases caused by HIV. Antiretroviral drugs, also known as ARVs, … Read More

Leeds pioneers faith-based therapy

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Leeds University researchers pioneer treatment which incorporates religion as central to its practice. Research by the University of Leeds has produced a new form of therapy which actively embraces Muslim patients’ religious belief as part of their treatment, contrary to traditional practice and despite resistance from some practitioners. The new … Read More

Scientists of the Year 2016: Guide to the Nobel Prize

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When Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel died in 1896, his will declared that his entire fortune should be used to reward the scientists who contribute “the greatest benefit on mankind”. Thus the Nobel Prize Laureates are announced in October each year and outstanding scientists are rewarded for their significant contributions to … Read More

Women at the Cutting Edge

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Quite so. Incidentally, it was reported that in 2012 that 59% of successful medical student applicants in Leeds were female. Why is it then, that in a modern era full of ambitious and talented women, only 10% of UK consultant surgeons are female? The annual ‘Women in Surgery’ conference was … Read More

National newspapers accuse Leeds of 'social engineering'

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The University has been accused of ‘social engineering’ by two national newspapers. Based on an investigation into the country’s top educational institutions, The Telegraph and Daily Mail claim that some universities offer lower entry requirements to those from poorer backgrounds. The Telegraph claims that at Leeds, students applying to read … Read More