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Backing singers: 20 feet from stardom

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Meenakshi Parmar describes how we must remember to credit the people that have kept rockstars in the spotlight: the backing singers. Darlene Love. Merry Clayton. Claudia Lennear. Luther Vandross. It’s unlikely that you would have heard of any of these names before. Yet these singers have brought iconic backing vocals … Read More

#Slacktivism: Are we protesting enough?

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In world of increasing social injustice and political division, activism is needed more than ever. But is a Tweet or Facebook share enough? Meenakshi Parmar discusses… I think it’s fair to define myself as a slacktivist. A classic armchair activist. I will sit at my computer and feel affirmation simply … Read More

Degrees of Privilege

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Meenakshi Parmar asks whether a degree is in fact a privilege or contributing to an increasing sense of wealth disparity. Income inequality in the UK is alive and blossoming, with the top 10% of society owning approximately half of the country’s private wealth, according to the Office for National Statistics. … Read More

International Women’s Day 2016: what goes on behind closed doors

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The 8th of March marked International Women’s Day, a day intended to celebrate and spark discussion of the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women worldwide. This makes discussion of domestic violence ever more relevant, a discourse that has recently become more prominent. On International Women’s Day this year, the … Read More

Where are your Friends Tonight? Is FoMo More Serious than we Thought?

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The Gryphon explores FoMo beyond the common depiction, casting light on FoMo as a form of social anxiety, which has the effect of engulfing the lives of so many people. ‘FoMo’, otherwise known as the ‘Fear of Missing out’, is a term that is regularly circulated in both our social … Read More

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

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Short days and long nights and an incessant battle against wind and rain. In addition to our own personal ‘winter slump’, terrible and pessimistic news has been reverberating around the world in the last few weeks. The Gryphon pays attention to some alternative news, with twelve stories illustrating that good … Read More

Tampon Tax – Necessity Made Luxury?

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The Gryphon examines the current arguments concerning what is widely regarded as a sexist measure and explores important campaigns, both on a local and national scale, that seek to highlight the ramifications of the tax. The topical issue resting on the tongues of both politicians and the public at the … Read More