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Campus Watch: Christmas Edition

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University of Limerick: Union Cancels Christmas Knees-Up The University of Limerick released a statement last week claiming that its main union bar would not be serving alcoholic drinks to punters in the run-up to the Christmas break. In a Facebook post, The Stables Club, Limerick’s equivalent of Terrace, stated: “There … Read More

Donuts Bids Farewell to the Fav

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This Thursday 13th December, Go Nuts at Donuts will host its last ever event in The Faversham, home to the popular Thursday student night for four years now. Addressing why they were moving from The Faversham, Go Nuts at Donuts said: “Unfortunately, the venue is undergoing a change of purpose, … Read More

Oxford Dictionaries Names ‘Toxic’ 2018’s Word of the Year

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Britney fans rejoice – Oxford Dictionaries have announced that ‘toxic‘ is their Word of the Year for 2018. gay people walk quickly because we constantly have Toxic by Britney Spears (143 bpm) playing in our heads whereas straight people have Closer by the Chainsmokers (95 bpm) — leon thotsky (@mikedolan_vevo) … Read More

Leaked Letter Reveals NUS’ Serious Financial Difficulties

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A leaked letter has revealed that the NUS (National Union of Students) is set to post a financial deficit of £3 million this year. The letter, sent to all affiliated Students’ Unions by NUS President Shakira Martin and Acting Chief Executive Peter Robertson, has revealed the full extent of the … Read More

Man Arrested for Murder on Woodhouse Lane

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Armed police arrested the man yesterday (10/11) before 5pm, during a pre-planned operation. The arrest occurred near Parkinson Building, at the front entrance to the University of Leeds. The man was wanted for a murder committed in another force’s area. Two others in his vehicle were given community resolution orders … Read More

Burglaries up by 52% in Hyde Park and Headingley Since 2015

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As first year comes to an end in Leeds, and former-freshers are thrust from the comforts of University accommodation, most flock to Hyde Park to seek refuge. Hyde Park has, simultaneously, both a great and an awful reputation. It’s close to the University. It’s lively. It’s brimming with good takeaways, … Read More

Man, 32, Stabbed in Hyde Park on Kings Road, Police Confirm

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A 32-year-old man has been stabbed in Hyde Park on Kings Road at around 2pm this afternoon. The man has been taken to hospital and is currently in a stable condition. Local residences reported numerous emergency vehicles and an air-lift helicopter following the incident, as Police attended and cordoned off … Read More

Campus Watch: Halloween Special

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St Andrews Founded in 1413, St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest university. Over 400 locations in the city of St Andrews are reportedly haunted, and the University is no exception. Rumours of the White Lady, St Andrews’ most notorious ghost, have circulated for over 200 years. Sightings are most commonly reported … Read More

Leeds Students are ‘Playing with Fire’ When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Study Shows

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Most first year students have never lived on their own prior to university. As a result, they are often ill-informed about kitchen safety, or don’t take it as seriously as they should. UK Charity Electrical Safety First is attempting to change this. They recently conducted a survey, revealing the extent … Read More

Leeds Ranks in Top Six ‘All-Rounder’ Universities, ‘Which? University’ Survey Reveals

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The University of Leeds ranked in the top six ‘all-rounder’ UK universities, according to Which? University’s 2018 survey. When choosing which university to attend, prospective students’ opinions are mainly formed by what each university decides to showcase them. Open days, visit days and university prospectuses allow higher education institutions to … Read More