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Postcards from Abroad: Perth, Australia

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Melissa Gitari is spending the third year of her English Language and Literature degree at The University of Western Australia, Perth. She enjoys writing, cheese-based foods and the musical stylings of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. When she is not bemoaning the systemic inequalities that underpin Western society, she can be found with … Read More

Don’t Tell Me to Smile

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Being a woman is enough hassle without throwing a resting bitch face into the mix. What I think is a neutral expression must actually resemble the visage of a troll with stomach troubles because I have been plagued my whole life with concerned relatives, teachers, even complete strangers, who want … Read More

Bird and Beast knock Nando’s off Peri-Peri Pedestal

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Any establishment that claims to be ‘the home of awesome chicken’ is likely to be met with scepticism, seeing as Nando’s has always been the undisputed go-to for the nation’s poultry needs. However, we can confirm that Bird and Beast, a restaurant that opened in Leeds’ bustling city centre last … Read More

Classic novels updated in Project Remix

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In an age where young people would much rather surf the internet than pick up a book, classic literature is increasingly being seen as outdated, irrelevant and a worthless aspect of education. Malorie Blackman’s Project Remix competition is boldly tackling this view by encouraging young people to rework literary texts, … Read More

Is the Big Bang Theory back with a bang?

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Back With a Bang? When Friends was taken off E4 back in 2011, who would have guessed that a quirky American comedy that centres around the lives of a group of young physicists would take its spot with the channel showing constant, but incredibly popular, repeats and new episodes of … Read More

Books | And the Nobel Prize for Exclusion goes to…

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You only have to look at any English Literature syllabus to see a canon dominated by white authorship. While no one is denying Dickens’ acerbic wit or the ethereal charm of the Romantics, our literary canon is in desperate need of more inclusivity. Recently, Kenyan novelist and playwright, Ngugi wa … Read More

TV | Masters of Sex – Back with a bang

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Masters of Sex has returned to More4 this summer for its second season. An unusual and thought-provoking drama, it follows Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) in his pursuit to answer one question – what really happens to the body during sex? At the end of season one, the radical research … Read More

Features | 10 Things You Learn in Your First Semester

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We did it, guys! After twelve gruelling weeks, we made it to the finish line relatively unscathed. Despite countless episodes of essay-induced despair where we may have threatened to throw in the towel altogether and join the circus because university is too damn hard, we finally reached the end of … Read More