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Total Recall – The Science behind Genetic Memory

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Have you ever known something without having a clue why? Well, memories, experiences and knowledge that we have never experienced or learnt ourselves can be inherited from our ancestors. This occurs through genetic or ancestral memory; memory which is passed down from preceding generations by DNA and has been linked … Read More

Blogs | Alternative Memory Techniques

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In preparation for my final year at university I listened to a podcast from Derren Brown (Memory; Tricks of the Mind) to try and improve my fairly average memory. One of the tricks he teaches is for remembering the names of people you meet which I think is such a … Read More

Science | World Science News part 1

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Science that has made the news around the world…   Genes linked to increased eating disorder risk Scientists from the University of Iowa and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have isolated two gene mutations associated with enhancing the risk of developing an eating disorder. Their studies found that both … Read More

Science | Sleep deprivation, are we getting enough shut eye?

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How I wish I could sleep as I’m writing this article. There’s a ruckus outside as a house party is in full swing and I sit in my bed, pyjama clad, eating a bowl of crunchy nut clusters. And these clusters are very good. I feel very unnerving about sleep … Read More

Nothing but a bad memory

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Ridding yourself of hurtful or embarrassing memories may seem ideal. Equally, finding a way of legally enhancing your memory skills would be desirable when having to recall information in those end of year exams. Recent research using rat test subjects have identified a protein that appears to have an integral … Read More