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La Dolce Vita

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Italy – a country synonymous with good food, good weather, and a taste for high-end fashion. With brands such as Prada, Armani, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana among others it is fair to say that Italy is a strong player in the fashion industry. England, too, has its fair share … Read More

Menswear: The Taboo Trends‏

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Breaking the rules is an everyday occurrence in the world of fashion; black is now readily seen paired with blue; tweed is worn on nights out in cities as well as the country and denim-on-denim now gets an unanimous thumbs up. This constantly changing acceptability means pieces we might have … Read More

Menswear: Turtlenecks are back

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The turtleneck may be an item more often associated with Bond villains than high fashion, but in fact this item has been featured highly on the runways for AW15. Look no further than the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Neil  Barratt and luxury knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland to see exactly … Read More

Fashion | Campus Style for the Boys

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The boys are back and it’s all about the jewel tones. Photography: Laura Heitzman

Fashion | Trend Alert – Firmlocke

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Following last year’s triumphant summer of cycling achievements, the Brits are fast becoming a people as comfortable on two wheels as they are on four. Alongside various collaborations, the likes of Wiggo’s with Fred Perry and the less popular Brick Lane Bikes and H&M, cycling and fashion have quickly become … Read More

Fashion I Men's Corner – The Camo Trend

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The weather has changed, winter is looming and as we prepare to fight a cold war of our own, camouflage print is the perfect armour. Despite its critics, this summer trend is soldiering on into winter and it’s about time we bought into it. Although we all long for the … Read More

Open Lifestyle: The Making of the Modern Man

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And you thought Urban Outfitters was cool? Guys, we’ve got you.

Boys, Meet Johnny Tuxedo.

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It’s time you met Johnny Tuxedo.

Boys to Men: The Growth of Men’s Fashion

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Men are evolving as braver fashion species… This modern generation of the fashion-forward male has led to an industry boom, with an influx of new brands redefining menswear.