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Top 7 Tips for Helping a Friend Struggling with Mental Illness

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Let’s start with the basics: Mental health is a spectrum. Everyone has mental health. Anyone’s mental health may be good or bad, or somewhere in between. Bad mental health may be temporary, but it is temporarily debilitating. Mental health is ever-changing, fluctuating and reacting to different things that happen to … Read More

Movember: Don’t Forget the Message

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Yes, beards are sexy. But let’s not shave away men’s mental health from Movember. Everyone’s favourite time of year has finally arrived. No, not Christmas – I mean Movember, of course! This is the month where baby-faced boys transform into whisker-wielding hunks as over the course of November they try … Read More

Racism in the NHS: Good Healthcare for All?

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Despite the lack of research regarding mental health for BAME groups, BAME groups are considered to be at higher risk of developing mental health problems. Black adults were found to have the lowest treatment of mental health of any ethnic group, at 6.2%, compared with 13.3% in the white British … Read More

Determination or Drivel? Theresa May’s New Suicide Prevention Minister

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Mental health was already on the nation’s mind as we entered Mental Health Day on the 10th of October. From the top Netflix show ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ to the popular social media group LadBible’s UOKM8? campaign, mental health has never been more publicized than it is today. So, what is our … Read More

Connected While Alone: The Demerits of Social Media

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We are now more connected than ever. We can see what our friends are doing, liking and listening to at the touch of a button. On Snapchat, we can even see exactly where they are. Why then, in an age where we have never been more interconnected, do more and … Read More

Internet Activism or ‘Slacktivism’?

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This year marked the 26th anniversary of #worldmentalhealthday: a campaign geared towards ‘raising awareness’ about mental health issues. While this is valuable, both the campaign and the hashtag touch upon two complex issues surrounding mental health: the limitations of internet activism, and the wider notion of ‘raising awareness’ with its … Read More

Love Arts Festival 2018

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The Love Arts Festival is an annual celebration of creativity and mental well-being in Leeds. In its 8th year, the festival aims to get people talking about mental health. The festival is made up of exhibitions, performances, gigs, films, workshops, discussions and more and all taking place in different venues … Read More

LUU Mantality Society: Rethinking Male Mental Health

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As one of the key founders of the newly formed LUU Mantality Society, our Editor-in-Chief, Reece Parker, discusses the concept behind positive male mentality and the benefits of refusing to suffer in silence. Male mental health is in crisis. It is one of the most pressing issues which our society … Read More

Why I’m Sick Of Mental Health Awareness

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Movember is here and that means just one thing. Men forsaking their razors for the cause of raising awareness of men’s health, with more and more of a focus on mental health. With suicide being the leading cause of death for young men (aged 20-49) in England and Wales it’s … Read More

We need to talk about mental health

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Mental health. It’s a subject that still has a lot of social stigma around it. We don’t like talking about it. It makes us feel uncomfortable, vulnerable. This is despite the fact that, according to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 people will have experienced some sort of mental … Read More