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Top 7 Tips for Helping a Friend Struggling with Mental Illness

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Let’s start with the basics: Mental health is a spectrum. Everyone has mental health. Anyone’s mental health may be good or bad, or somewhere in between. Bad mental health may be temporary, but it is temporarily debilitating. Mental health is ever-changing, fluctuating and reacting to different things that happen to … Read More

A Personal Account of Drug Use and Mental Health

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I was aware that drug use permeated British university culture before I moved here. Conversations with friends and pop culture gave me the impression that casual substance use was expected, if not the norm among students. Leeds, I knew, was a “good night out” (wink wink). I had tried ecstasy … Read More

How to Handle Uni Stress

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International Stress Awareness Week is coming up, so here are some tips and advice on how to handle it all and not crumble. The irony is, it was stressful writing this piece, because we are well into first semester, the work is piling up and second year actually counts. But … Read More

Campus Watch

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University of Bristol Introduces ‘Science of Happiness’ Scheme to Combat Mental Health Problems The University of Bristol have implemented a new scheme called the ‘science of happiness’ course after a student took his own life earlier this year. The course hopes to explore happiness through teaching ways to become happy … Read More

Paint, Pot, Print: How Art and Mental Wellbeing are Connected

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Georgia Thompson provides a look at Paint, Pot, Print, an exhibition Swarthmore Café are currently running in association with Love Arts Festival. Celebrating creativity and mental wellbeing, the exhibition includes the works of Beth Smith and Neil Thompson, two local Leeds-based artists who incorporate social and political issues into their … Read More

Racism in the NHS: Good Healthcare for All?

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Despite the lack of research regarding mental health for BAME groups, BAME groups are considered to be at higher risk of developing mental health problems. Black adults were found to have the lowest treatment of mental health of any ethnic group, at 6.2%, compared with 13.3% in the white British … Read More

Determination or Drivel? Theresa May’s New Suicide Prevention Minister

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Mental health was already on the nation’s mind as we entered Mental Health Day on the 10th of October. From the top Netflix show ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ to the popular social media group LadBible’s UOKM8? campaign, mental health has never been more publicized than it is today. So, what is our … Read More

Connected While Alone: The Demerits of Social Media

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We are now more connected than ever. We can see what our friends are doing, liking and listening to at the touch of a button. On Snapchat, we can even see exactly where they are. Why then, in an age where we have never been more interconnected, do more and … Read More

Mental Health: Prevention and Access to Support

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The problems teenager encounter in the face of new experiences, such as the transition from high school to university and how technologies and social media have impacted how people interact, are of incredible importance in our society today. These issues can generate mental problems in the long-term. The World Health … Read More

In the Public Eye: Music in a Mental Health Crisis

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Following ‘World Mental Health Day’, Charlotte Bresh explores the daunting levels of mental health issues within the music industry and the ways in which the stresses of high-profile life may impact the wellbeing of artists. October 10th marked 2018’s ‘World Mental Health Day’, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness … Read More