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Pressures of the Industry: Celebrities and the Relationship Between Fame and Mental Illness

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*TW: This article contains discussion of mental illness and suicide* The arts world has a large problem with mental illness; from superheroes to Disney princesses, singers and authors, many celebrities struggle with the trappings of fame. Trying to remain a good role model while pleasing masses and tending to your … Read More

Giving Recovery A Voice

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Suffering from a mental health condition can feel like being suffocated inside a black hole. It’s hard to envisage a brighter future when you are submerged in darkness. Even if you can see wholeness and wellbeing in the distance, it seems impossible to climb out of your situation. This is … Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: the ‘toolbox’ analogy

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When you are diagnosed with a mental health problem, it is easy to feel as though you are the only person in the world to have suffered with one. It is common to feel isolated, scared and like no one understands. They say that 1 in 4 people suffer from … Read More

5 unexpected benefits of coping with depression and anxiety

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Most people that suffer with depression and/or anxiety will know just how overwhelming and debilitating it can be. I have realised that once you’ve worked through negative feelings there is, in fact, a silver lining. Now I see that it’s important to think about the positive elements of living with mental … Read More

The problem with 13 Reasons Why

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The Netflix show has divided opinion with its portrayal of mental health. Eve explains why the show is an inaccurate representation, and why it could be damaging for some of its viewers: I have many issues with the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. In fact I have many more … Read More

Let’s talk anxiety and derealisation

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Late last year, seemingly out of nowhere, anxiety found me. It gripped me with its dull, malevolent claws, and, so far, hasn’t yet let go. It wasn’t Uni stress, it wasn’t a personal issue. To this day, I can’t pinpoint why it emerged or where it came from. There’s been … Read More

Body neutrality: the way to body acceptance or a lack of self-love?

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Body positivity has become a well-known phrase over the past few years; particularly within the eating disorder recovery community. In a nutshell, body positivity promotes unconditional self-love, and aims to soothe any racial, societal, or personal struggles with your body. As someone who has struggled with eating and body image, … Read More

You’ve recovered from an eating disorder… But what happens now?

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Eating disorders are damaging illnesses that can grasp away your happiness for long periods of time. For eating disorders awareness week, Charlie discusses the confusion you may feel once you have recovered from an eating disorder, and how to deal with conflicting feelings. You’ve reached out for support from your closest … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: Disabled is not a bad word

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When I started organising Disability History Month, I didn’t identify as disabled. Sure, I had some on-going, chronic health conditions, and a variety of mental illnesses – but I wasn’t disabled. That was reserved for more “serious” conditions. I didn’t look “disabled”. I didn’t have problems accessing buildings. In my … Read More

Mental illness is not a weakness

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Recently, whilst talking about mental health, Donald Trump said that various veterans returning from war with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) aren’t strong enough and can’t “handle” fighting. He talks about it as if suffering from a mental health problem and committing suicide is a sign of weakness. I would … Read More