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Union Condemned For Cultural Appropriation

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Leeds University Union have been plunged into controversy regarding their Halloween event, which, despite being marketed as ‘The Living Dead Festival’, was populated by decorations emblazoned with the phrase ‘Day of The Dead’. This has provoked accusations of cultural appropriation from some members of the student body, who feel that the … Read More

The Mexican Earthquakes

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Earthquakes’ recent ubiquity in news should do nothing to lessen their perceptions within the public’s mind. These earth-shaking events can devastate entire cities, destroy millions of peoples’ lives and can kill thousands, yet are sorely misunderstood by most people, and reported incorrectly by much of the media. Earthquakes are caused … Read More

Trump’s loud mouth: the worst of the President Elect

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Now that Trump has been elected leader of the Free World surely the best thing to do is list the worst things he’s ever said, right? The Gryphon has you covered… On Mexico “I’ll build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for … Read More

Going loco: Is it finally time for Mexico to reform its prison system?

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Complete with a personal sauna and aquarium, it seems that the Topo Chico Prison is the perfect place to take a load off. With over 200 food stalls and even a well stocked bar, is there really anywhere else you need to be? Last week’s prison riots would suggest otherwise. … Read More

Sport | Brazil lead the way as England prepare to say goodbye

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As the last round of group matches got under way at the FIFA World Cup, Ste Topping rounds up the talking points from a busy day in Brazil and looks ahead to an English goodbye.   Monday’s action began in Group B, as Chile took on the Netherlands in a … Read More

Sport | Can Belgium’s Golden Boys Blossom on the World Stage? – World Cup Day 6 Preview

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The World Cup is only five days old and already this year’s tournament is being heralded as the best in recent memory. Goals, skills and thrills have been the mainstay throughout an opening round of games that has produced just one largely forgettable draw; long may it continue. Tuesday promises … Read More