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Bitcoin: Over-emphasised Or Over-Criticised?

10 months ago / 0 comments

The dizzying heights of bitcoin’s mid-December valuation in 2017 at $17,900 per coin has proven impossible to maintain, slipping down to a figure below $14,000 within the space of a week. Just this month, the most prominent of cryptocurrencies dropped to almost half of its peak value, slumping to a … Read More

Don‘t Go Breaking My Art: Axing the History of Art A level

2 years ago / 0 comments

Is Michael Gove right to scrap Art History A-level? In The Middle takes a look at the debate… FOR The axing of the Art History A-level has caused quite a stir, with some slamming Michael Gove for being “narrow-minded” and “short-sighted”. Despite studying an arts subject myself, I completely understand … Read More

Comment | Politicians, practice what you preach

5 years ago / 0 comments

Michael Gove recently hit the headlines when he chose to send his daughter to, shock-horror, a comprehensive school. This made him the first ever sitting Conservative Education Secretary to do so. Now, as these stories always do, it received a lot of coverage, fuelling our obsession with where politicians send their kids … Read More

Comment | Gove the reformer

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If we truly believe all students should have the same opportunity to be successful, we should have an education system which reflects that. This week Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, set out his mission: to break down the ‘Berlin Wall’ between state and private schools. English state schools are improving, … Read More

Debate: Education Under Gove

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With Secretary for Education, Michael Gove, proposing dramatic changes to the country’s schooling, Big Debate asks, are his proposals promising?     YES: Rebecca Shapiro “We cannot afford to have an education system that was set in the nineteenth century”   Media attention has recently been overwhelmingly fixed on Education … Read More