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Not Alone Review: It’s Okay to Ask for Help

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Not Alone is a documentary directed by Jacqueline Monetta and Kiki Goshay that discusses depression in teenagers. After Monetta’s high school best friend committed suicide, she questioned whether she could have said or done anything that would have helped her. She created this documentary to de-stigmatise the conversation about depression … Read More

The Pink Sari Revolution: ‘Put down your shame and pick up your stick.’

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Sampat Pal formed the Uttar Pradesh’s Gulabi Gang in 2006 and Mira Mookerjee review’s the play, The Pink Sari Revolution, over a decade later. Based on the novel by Amana Fontanella-Khan, this play discards idealism for truth and grit. ‘Pink is not just the colour of a sari, pink is … Read More

Mira Publishing: Each Book Has A Voice to be Heard

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Mira Publishing is a Leeds-based publishing house, which publishes ‘fiction and non-fiction novels based on contemporary topics’ in a variety of languages. There are so many stories and voices that are not made easily accessible in our high street bookstores due to their best-seller business model. Mira Publishing House offers … Read More

Why BBC2’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ has got people talking

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Muslims Like Us is a two-part BBC2 programme documenting ten British Muslims living under one roof. Soraya Ali and Mira Mookerjee give us their opinions and try to pin down just what’s got everyone talking about the programme. “The show beautifully captured the struggles British Muslims and immigrants face daily…” … Read More

TV | Dapper Laughs puts absolute plonker on mainstream screens

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When Dapper Laughs was first described to me as a misogynistic, out dated, highly criticised TV personality, my preconceived idea of what the show would be like went along the lines of something only available on Fox, filmed on a handheld camera with tumbleweed rolling about in the background. I … Read More

TV | Transparent a success for Amazon

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Transparent, set in Los Angeles, focuses on a divorced transgendered father’s transition from Mort to Moira, and the lives of her three emerging adult children. We’re introduced to the oldest child, Sarah’s mundane family life, middle child Josh’s successful career in film, and the youngest, Ali’s life in limbo, jobless … Read More