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Too little, too late?

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Everyone’s talking about the ban on underweight models taken by major French fashion companies, but is it really worth all the attention? New Fashion editor, Lydia Varney, gives us her take on the latest change to the runway. With the news emerging that as of October 1st, two major French … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The forgotten faces of fashion week

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Another ‘fashion month’, as the industry labels it, has drawn to a close. Of course whether excited by the event or not, it has been unavoidable. From New York right through to Paris, Instagram has documented the whole charade. Yes, we have all seen the glitz and the glamour; the … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model!

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As the months begin to get colder, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one we all look forward to watching, and we all hope and dream of looking like the angels one day. Well, this year we can, as they’ve collaborated with Max Factor who will be creating the make … Read More

A New Diverse Direction; a model example

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Unfortunately it’s become fact that the fashion industry lacks diversity when it comes to models but is this an issue of the past or something that is beginning to change?  Let’s look at the statistics from the Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion weeks. According to a diversity report conducted at the time, … Read More

LRFS: Model for Change

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You’ve got more chance of being struck by lightning than reaching model requirements. That’s according to statistics revealing the average commercial model size at least, showing one in forty thousand meets these conditions. We live in a society where we are bombarded by the media each day, being sold products … Read More

What We’re Watching: Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model – Episode 5

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Episode 5 I didn’t enjoy this week’s episode. Up until now it had been fun to rant and bitch about the contestants who I deemed to be evil, safe in the knowledge that their souls were hollow and flimsy like a kinder egg, (I also have reason to believe that … Read More

What We’re Watching: Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model – Episode 3

5 years ago / 0 comments

Episode 3 Hooray! Another episode of BINTM. I choose to pronounce this acronym, not only because Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model is too long to say (or to even type… Cheeky Copy and Paste there), but because “bintim” sounds like a edgy new variation of “bitchin”, a word which … Read More

What We’re Watching: Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model – Episode 2

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Episode 2 I’ll admit, straight off, that I didn’t watch the first episode of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, or BINTM as the hashtag encourages. I didn’t even realise that there was an episode before this one until I came to write this. Well I’m just going to assume … Read More

Lust, pride and green-eyed envy at RAG

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Lights, camera…strut your stuff for charity. Last Thursday night brought the hotly anticipated RAG Fashion Show to the Union- turning up the heat and adding far more raunchiness than the Refectory is used to.