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The Gryphon asks: should Britain abolish the monarchy?

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Yes – Edmund Goldrick The British Monarchy, currently, is a wonderful institution. They have carried out their duties admirably, helping raise astronomical sums of money for worthy causes, forging exceptional careers, and becoming effective diplomats for times when conventional diplomacy was not expedient. But the monarchy needs to be abolished, … Read More

The Gryphon asks: Should Britain abolish its monarchy?

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Yes – Rory Claydon: Only a few days ago, the nation was abuzz with news. It wasn’t news of junior doctors striking, refugees, or indeed, anything that matters – instead, the media decided that we all needed to know about the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Even monarchists must admit the wide … Read More

Kneel or no kneel, the monarchy still doesn’t make sense

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After being sworn in to the privy council, the good old Murdoch rumour mill started churning and speculating as to whether or not Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong republican, would be kneeling before the Queen and kissing her hand. Despite frequently invading on the Royals’ privacy and thereby defying the monarchs … Read More

TV | The Dangers of Downton Abbey

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Christmas is a time for peace, love and difficult conversations with family about why you’re still single, or your decision to pursue a degree in the arts. Yet spare a thought for our friends the television writers who, every year, are placed under the immense pressure of producing a special, … Read More

Debate | The Queen Needs Us, But Do We Need The Queen?

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With an estimated wealth of £350m, it would be difficult for anyone to argue that the Queen is financially struggling. But according to last week’s National Audit Report, the Head of State is set to receive an inflation-busting 22 per cent ‘pay rise’ over the next two years, increasing the amount allocated … Read More

Mantel vs Middy

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The ‘Hilary Mantel attacks Kate Middleton’ story which broke recently has proved a huge distraction from the two, incomplete essays currently open in tabs on my laptop. It was always going to happen though; a controversy involving feminism, a princess, David Cameron intervening unnecessarily and standard Daily Mail outrage is … Read More

Citizens, Not Subjects!

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  “I say Charles don’t you ever crave, To appear on the front of The Daily Mail Dressed in your mother’s bridal veil?” (The Queen Is Dead- The Smiths)   If you were to ask somebody what they thought a republican looked like, a glut of unflattering images would more … Read More