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What’s new in science this week?

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The secret to supercharging phones in seconds revealed? Scientists from the University of Florida have developed a new method for creating flexible supercapacitors, capable of storing more energy than before and can be recharged more than 30,000 times without degradation. After experimenting with the application of new nanomaterials to supercapacitors, the … Read More

Science | Why do we die?

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I could tell you a hundred ways an organism can die, but it is much more difficult to explain why we are programmed to do so. We spend billions globally to divert and delay death, however it gets all of us in the end, whether it is disease, injury or … Read More

Books: New Review: Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

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  Many people would give their life to attain a fraction of the achievements and talent Christopher Hitchens had. With over twenty books published; reportage, essays, literary criticism and columns, ‘Hitch’ really did give his life to his work and writings. In spite of his diagnosis of advanced oesophageal cancer … Read More