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Just 0.5 °C temperature increase has a detrimental effect – the recent IPCC Report

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Last week you will no doubt have heard about a powerful report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that highlights some alarming realities of the future of our planet. Interpretations of the report have been plastered across news channels and social media, alluding to the immense importance … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to: Forcing Your Housemates to Recycle

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If you’ve just moved to Leeds, you may notice that the bins are a different colour to what you’re used to. I certainly didn’t notice, and it wasn’t until two weeks into living in my new student house that my housemate pointed out I’d been throwing the recycling into the … Read More

Paint Me Like One of Your Polymers

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The incredible paint that could keep our cities cool. On September 27 2018, an article was published in the Science journal introducing an innovative ‘polymer paint’ that could be used to cool surfaces, particularly in cities. This is revolutionary in a world where cities are rapidly expanding which creates a surplus … Read More

Top 7 Things I wish I’d known as a Fresher

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Ah, fresher’s. Possibly the strangest week of any student’s life. Thousands of young people move to a city they’ve likely never slept a night in before: it’s undoubtedly going to make even the most confident people feel a little nervous. My fresher’s experience was rocky to say the least – … Read More

Reptile Dysfuntion: Rising Temperature Turn Turtles Female

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Rising temperatures are leading to an increase in the proportion of female Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas), recent studies show. Studies carried out on beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia show that a striking 99% of a total 200,000 infant turtles on northern beaches are female. This is … Read More

What SUP: How Can We Limit Single Use Plastics Pollution

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Single use plastics (SUPs) are plastics that are used once and then disposed of, which includes plastic bags, drinks bottles, take-out coffee cups, and plastic straws. However, rather than being recycled, a significant proportion of this plastic ends up polluting our oceans. The issue was emphasised in BBC’s Blue Planet … Read More