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Art and Artist: Unchangeably Intertwined?

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Shrouded in controversy long before his death in June, rapper XXXTentacion left a trail of increasingly shocking criminal charges in his wake; the likes of which include homophobic attacks and the aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. Yet still, a legion of devoted fans continue to support the musician and … Read More

To Politicise a Butterfly

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Giulia Pesce reflects on Kendrick Lamar‘s involvement with Black Lives Matter, the political message behind hip-hop and why we should all still be listening to Lamar‘s seminal record, To Pimp a Butterfly, three years on. When I talk to my mum about rappers, she probably has a clear image in … Read More

Top 10 Record Store Day 2018 Must-Have’s

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Independent Record Store Day is right around the corner and the selection of great vinyl is mind-numbingly large. It can be hard to navigate such an eclectic and vast amount of records so I’ve put together my top 10 must-grabs of Record Store Day 2018 Car Seat Headrest – Twin … Read More

Top 5 Acts To See At 2000 Trees 2018

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2000 Trees might not be the biggest festival out there right now, but it’s fast becoming one of the best. Despite the more intimate setting, 2000 Trees has played host to some of the UK’s best and brightest, as well as pulling in talent from further afield. However, at least … Read More

Trans Artists You Should Know Right Now

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The LGBTQ+ spectrum is incredibly diverse – hence the 5+ letters in the acronym – but you wouldn’t know it looking at most playlists and articles about queer artists. It is white, cisgender gay men who dominate these lists, and are elevated in the queer community. Years & Years, Troye … Read More

The Beat & The Ballot Box: Politics’ place in music

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The Brit Awards 2018 provided yet another yearly dose of lacklustre ‘banter’, gentrified drab and predictable winners for this year’s cosy creations. The one uplifting moment which stood out above the vapid, however, was Stormzy’s crowning of Best British Male Solo Artist, accompanied with the British Album of the Year … Read More

Camp Cope & More: Australia’s Fight Against Sexual Harassment

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Falls Festival in Australia is meant to be a euphoric celebration to bring the year to an end, yet amongst claims of widespread sexual abuse the festival has served simply highlighted the entrenched misogyny in the Australian music scene and beyond. Cast your mind over to the far-off land of … Read More

Fall Out Boy & Fandoms: Why Teen Girls Deserve A Break

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In case you haven’t already heard, emo megastars Fall Out Boy dropped a new record last month. M A N I A is their 7th full-length album, and their 3rd post-hiatus. If this isn’t news to you then you’ve probably heard a lot of different reviews on the record – … Read More

“Mental illness is not confined within a sound or by genre, it is everywhere”: Enter Shikari’s ‘Live Outside’

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Time and time again, rock finds itself in the same old position: a band, beloved for their heavy roots, venture into calmer waters and are subsequently scorned for it. Enter Shikari’s latest single, ‘Live Outside’, is no different. Criticism targets a lack of guitars, a chorus which drags on and … Read More

For Emma, Forever Ago – A Retrospective

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Ten years and ten days ago, the enchanting For Emma, Forever Ago was self-released by a then unknown Justin Vernon, under the guise of Bon Iver. Re-released a year later by Jagjaguwar, the album marked a surprising success story for independent music production. After splitting with his band DeYarmond Edison, … Read More