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Going loco: Is it finally time for Mexico to reform its prison system?

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Complete with a personal sauna and aquarium, it seems that the Topo Chico Prison is the perfect place to take a load off. With over 200 food stalls and even a well stocked bar, is there really anywhere else you need to be? Last week’s prison riots would suggest otherwise. … Read More

Meet Joo-il Kim: The Man Defying Pyongyang

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The Gryphon speaks to Joo-il Kim, a prominent member of the North Korean community in New Malden, about the challenges he has faced under the North Korean regime and as a refugee here in England and what is still to come. “Refugee is a better term, the word defector just … Read More

The Limits of Hospitality: Should We Ease the Pressure Off Turkey?

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Earlier this week, Turkey announced they were reaching the end of the road for being able to accept refugees. With Assad relentlessly shaking Syria like a piggy bank, Turkey is struggling to cope with the 2.5 million refugees spilling over onto its soil. Perhaps what is most disheartening, is seeing … Read More

Features Focus: The female experience

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Today, on International Women’s Day, The Gryphon are marking the occasion by asking women about their experiences in our society. Empowering Muslim women have no place in the mainstream media and there are still obvious discrepancies in the depiction of BME women. Being a woman has never felt more empowering … Read More