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Faith and Freshers’: Do University and Religion Clash?

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Faith and university are often seen as somewhat incompatible. Who has time to go to church on a Sunday morning when you’ve just been out on a Saturday night and your friends are heading out for brunch at LS6?  Yet, having a faith doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to … Read More

Marriage in the 21st century

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Nathan discusses how our understanding of marriage has changed over time, and whether it is meaningless or of increasing importance in secular society. It goes without saying that marriage means different things to different people. Is marriage a fundamentally religious vow between two people or is it a secular concept … Read More

Moving Towards An Independent Yorkshire?

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Following the election of ‘metro-mayors’ earlier this year for the regions of Greater Manchester, Liverpool City, Tees Valley and further afield in the West Midlands, West of England and Cambridgeshire, a majority of council leaders in the Yorkshire area are pushing for a similar position in God’s Own County.  17 … Read More

The Gryphon asks: are TV debates between politicians worthwhile?

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No – Michael Everitt In this day and age, there is a glut of information, readily available, on every conceivable subject. A quick Google search can satisfy your curiosity regarding the dietary habits of penguins/athletes/Kardashians (delete as appropriate). Social media and 24hr news channels are competing with each other to … Read More

A conflict of interest: politics or print?

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Former Chancellor and oft-derided Conservative MP George Osbourne has recently been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of the London Evening Standard. Osbourne was appointed for the role at London’s famously conservative daily newspaper by its owner Evgeny Lebedev, who also owns publications such as the Independent. Whether Osbourne will be … Read More

HS2: a case of city Vs countryside?

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Now that HS2 has finally been granted royal assent, after years of debating the issue in parliament, we must ask what difference High Speed rail travel will make to the cities it links together and the areas it will run through. In particular, we should consider what difference it will … Read More

Elizabeth Warren: what’s next for the Senator leading the resistance?

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Since assuming the office of Senator for the state of Massachusetts in early 2013, Elizabeth Warren has quickly risen to a leading position in the Democratic Party and in the progressive movement as a whole. Warren’s liberal credentials are impressive, as she possesses a strong record of advocating on behalf … Read More

The politics of scandal: comparing America and France

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Both the American presidential election of last year and the upcoming French presidential election have been affected by scandal. Yet, such ‘scandal’ has had remarkably different effects on said electoral campaigns. Donald Trump’s awful remarks about disabled people, women and ethnic minorities shocked many across America; however, others heralded Trump … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should it be compulsory that lectures are recorded?

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Yes – Edmund Goldrick A lot of my position on this stems from the fact that it works in my home university, the Australian National University, so why not here? There may be areas where laws and circumstances are different and negate my points in which case I’m happy to … Read More