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Are Britain’s Theatres Facing the Final Curtain?

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The arts are a proven way of supporting the economy; a rich cultural heritage sparks an interest in tourism. But as well as being a ray of hope in a country fast approaching a post-Brexit world, the arts are also a significant factor in binding communities together and promoting the … Read More

Business As Usual in the NT’s Take on ‘Network’

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Eerily relevant in a time where the reliability of the news is as equally up for discussion as the news itself, Ivo Van Hove’s mighty stage adaptation of Paddy Chayefsky’s Oscar-winning Network (1974) sees the plastic insanity of the corporate world epitomised in a narrative of truth versus profit. With … Read More

NT Jane Eyre Review

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Charlie Collett reviews Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre, which has returned to the stage following its successful tour with the National Theatre in 2015. Arriving at the REP theatre with my mum – who has studied Charlotte Brontë’s novel several times and owns no less than eight copies – I had … Read More

NT Live: Angels in America Parts One and Two Review

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Lucy Milburn dives deep into the explosive and sensational rebirth of Tony Kushner’s revolutionary play as NT Live broadcast both parts of the theatrical event on the year. The National Theatre’s adaptation of Tony Kushner’s milestone in American theatre has been met with ferocious praise throughout its run and NT … Read More

NT Salome Review

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Chloe-Louise Saunders recounts the National Theatre’s immersive and intense take on Wilde’s late Victorian tale – while vibrant and nuanced, is this a play where less is more? It’s a Saturday night, my red wine is in my hand (what I believe to be a perfect aesthetic representation of what … Read More

‘BP or not BP?’ – That is the Question of Student Theatre Subsidies

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From odious oil spills to fat-cat theft – Rose Crees discusses why subsidised student theatre tickets are too good to be true. On the 28th of July 2016 BP announced, to the great dismay of all self-respecting and morally-sound theatre and art lovers in the UK, that they had signed (in … Read More

Review: Amadeus NT Live screening – brilliant vibrant energy

2 years ago / 0 comments

In the first few scenes of The National Theatre’s production of Amadeus, I will admit I was somewhat sceptical of what I had come to watch. There was a dumbfounding use of explicitly modern props in a performance that was otherwise largely adherent to the conventions of the period, and … Read More

Theatre Simulcast | War Horse – A truly landmark production

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Image: National Theatre One hundred years on from the start of the Great War provides the perfect time for the National Theatre to bring their ground breaking show War Horse, adapted from the wonderful book by Michael Morpurgo, to cinema screens as part of their NT Live programme. Since its … Read More

Theatre | People – Alan Bennett in old age

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photo: Catherine Ashmore 4/5 Stars There is a little something of both Miss Havisham and Big Edie in Dorothy Stacpoole, the aged heiress to a decaying Yorkshire country house which she has ‘taken for granted’ for so long that it has fallen into decay and disrepair. Sitting atop a growling, … Read More