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Historical Amnesia, Miseducation, and Empire

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Cartoon: “Allegoria sull’impero Inglese” (An allegory of the English Empire) by Augusto Grossi depicting the British Empire as a snake, 1878. In 2016, the Independent quoted a poll which found that 44% of British people were proud of Britain’s colonial history, with 21% regretting that it happened and 23% holding … Read More

India isn’t “catching up”, it was colonialism that brought anti-LGBT+ attitudes to the country.

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The legacy of colonialism is ever-enduring. Since the 1600s, European powers Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Britain alike have been colonizing all over the world. Age-old Conservatives, including dear-old Boris, speak of traditional “British” values and the benefits of British sovereignty. The British Empire no longer exists but traditionalists are still … Read More

The New Wave of Neo-Colonialism

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The current Oxfam scandal, and the varying array of comments and criticism surrounding it demonstrates in black and white that colonial mentalities still exist towards the developing world. With this in mind, appropriate conduct in crisis zones needs some careful scrutiny. Quite clearly, something is wrong, and the rigour surrounding … Read More