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What Bandersnatch Means for the Future of Television Viewing

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Bandersnatch, a weird meta moment that might not change the landscape of television, but will give you pause about the nature of reality and free will.   Charlie Brooker once again succeeds at creating something unique and unsettling in this special interactive episode of Black Mirror. The story follows Stefan, … Read More

TV Review: The Sinner

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Netflix’s most convoluted programme is back, and it’s just as bingeable as before. The second series of mystery drama The Sinner sees Jessica Biel behind the camera as executive producer, with an arguably upgraded cast. Like the first series, it is fast paced from the outset yet doesn’t compromise character … Read More

The Princess Switch Review: Why Are Christmas Movies Getting Worse?

2 months ago / 0 comments

Jingle bells, ‘The Princess Switch’ smells… and so do most other modern Christmas movies. God, I miss when Christmas movies were good. Curling up on the sofa with your siblings and being filled with joy and wonderment as some kooky, but lovable character learnt the true meaning of love and … Read More

The Chilling Mis-Adventures of Sabrina?

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You probably have some vague ideas of what a show centered around Sabrina, the teenage witch, might involve. Blonde hair, sparkling potions, classically American love interests, and wasn’t there a talking cat? Well, Netflix’s recent reboot of the comedic nineties show give us all of this, but with a healthy … Read More

An Introduction To K-Dramas On Netflix

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Curious about K-Dramas and not too sure where to start? Not to worry! Compiled below are a couple of recommendations for a range of genres from romantic and comedy to historical and thriller: Dream High A drama about dreams and the arts, Dream High narrates the story of six students … Read More

TV Review: The Haunting of Hill House

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If you don’t know about this series, you should.   This horror infused phenomenon is a Netflix original and maintains the outstanding reputation most series’ allow Netflix to uphold.  From jump scares to intense psychological tests, this show has it all. It constantly keeps you guessing and wondering where the … Read More

The Hottest Show on Netflix

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We all talk about the thrilling Stranger Things, the sheer delight that is Queer Eye, and the dark and intriguing House of Cards, but there is one programme that smokes the competition. Aptly called Fireplace for Your Home, you get to watch a crackling fireplace grow and smolder for an … Read More

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: A Culinary Education

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Iranian-American chef Samin Nosrat’s critically acclaimed book ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ has been developed into a four part Netflix series. The show’s aim is to educate viewers on how to master the key elements to culinary perfection. Having read the Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat book, I was thoroughly excited to … Read More

Netflix and Marvel: The Rift Between the Dynamic Duo

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In August of 2017, Disney announced plans to launch two separate streaming services – one for ESPN focusing entirely on sports, and one for its Disney and Pixar live-action and animated films and shows. The entertainment giant also stated that it would be ending its current partnership with Netflix in … Read More

Does Netflix Have a Problem With Diversity?

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Following Black History Month in October, the conversation surrounding the lack of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) representation in film has been raised once again. The podcaster Stacia Brown recently took to Twitter to ask her black followers whether they had noticed that Netflix algorithms seemed to generate deceptive promotional … Read More