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Why ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ are perfect for a Netflix adaption

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Troy Hunneyball explains why Netflix’s choice to adapt C.S. Lewis’s work might actually work. Following Amazon’s plans to reboot The Lord of the Rings in a new prequel series, Netflix have announced their own adaption of a classic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Although C.S Lewis’s children’s books are … Read More

Nappily Ever After Review

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In a world that is being called out for cultural appropriation, black women’s hairstyles are praised when other races have them, but on a black woman they are often criticised.  Nappily Ever After tries to focus on the societal beauty standards placed on black women, especially when it comes to … Read More

Review: Atypical Season 2

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It feels like Neflix’s Atypical, a family drama following the coming-of-age story of Sam, an 18-year-old on the autistic spectrum, could have fallen victim to preachiness. It’s all too easy for TV shows to get lost in their own good intentions when they try to raise awareness of these real … Read More

Review: Norm Macdonald Has a Show

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Hot off the heels of the cancellation of Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale’s weekly talk shows, Netflix has decided to try their luck again. This time, they’ve taken a chance on criminally underrated comedian Norm Macdonald. Unlike McHale’s rehash of his old show The Soup, or Wolf’s attempt at copying … Read More

Review: BoJack Season 5

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Looks like our favourite dysfunctional character is back – with a new season to boot! When we last saw BoJack at the end of season four, he was attempting to redeem himself as a person by helping Hollyhock find her mother and agreeing to star in the show Philbert after Princess Carolyn … Read More

Suspenseful, eerie and disturbing: Calibre review

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Calibre, a recently-released Netflix thriller, was exactly what it was advertised to be. It was suspenseful, eerie and the undercurrent of tension built to a disturbing crescendo at the right moments. What begins as an unfortunate accident during a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands swiftly deteriorates into something much … Read More

Jessica Jones Season 2 AKA The season of the female anti hero

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Back in 2015 the first season of Jessica Joneswas released to critical acclaim and positive reviews. Part of what made the first season so praised was it’s engaging anti heroine and its use of a superhero story to examine issues like sexual assault, PTSD, and power. The recently released Season … Read More

REVIEW: Altered Carbon

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This new high-concept science fiction on Netflix takes old tropes and turns them into something fresh and compelling. Altered Carbon is based on the premise that people have their consciousness downloaded onto a disc, which allows them to be ‘re-sleeved’ into another body upon their death for a price. The … Read More

REVIEW: Flint Town

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Filmed from above, a dark police car rolls noiselessly along a snow-covered track. Streetlights above reveal the road to be quiet and deserted. A crackly voice issuing from a police radio breaks the silence: “We have a male, white, wearing a Michigan State hoodie down in a driveway, semi-conscious… we … Read More

Women Behind Bars

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Netflix original Girls Incarcerated plays out less like a documentary series and more like a coming of age reality show – but this is not a negative. It gives us in depth insight into the teenagers’ characters and backgrounds which aids in dismantling the stigma around young offenders. Girls Incarcerated … Read More