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Public sector workers deserve better than real-terms pay cut

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If you have ever been ill, attended a school or had to call the emergency services, then congratulations, the overwhelming odds are that you have benefited from the labour of public sector workers. These are the people who keep the country running: they care for the sick, educate the young … Read More

Leeds UKIP candidate supports NHS privatisation

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Leeds Central UKIP candidate Bill Palfreman has expressed his support for privatising the NHS at a hustings organised by Open Rights Group, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Now. Speaking first to the public in relation to cyber security and attacks on the NHS, Palfreman said “I don’t know if anyone remembers … Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week: the ‘toolbox’ analogy

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When you are diagnosed with a mental health problem, it is easy to feel as though you are the only person in the world to have suffered with one. It is common to feel isolated, scared and like no one understands. They say that 1 in 4 people suffer from … Read More

A facade of functionality

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As usual, I had an overly-ambitious idea of what this holiday period would be like – full of library study sessions, frequent meetups with friends, and hopefully some reading for pleasure on the side. Unfortunately though, the suitcase full of books I brought back home from uni with me remains … Read More

Let’s talk anxiety and derealisation

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Late last year, seemingly out of nowhere, anxiety found me. It gripped me with its dull, malevolent claws, and, so far, hasn’t yet let go. It wasn’t Uni stress, it wasn’t a personal issue. To this day, I can’t pinpoint why it emerged or where it came from. There’s been … Read More

Why I can’t be persuaded that the NHS would benefit from privatisation

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Since the prospect of privatisation of our NHS has materialised, I’ve stubbornly resisted the consideration that it could be for the best. When my housemate invited me to a panel debate on the subject, I decided to repress my inner sceptic and go along with an open mind. Despite that … Read More

Leeds pioneers faith-based therapy

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Leeds University researchers pioneer treatment which incorporates religion as central to its practice. Research by the University of Leeds has produced a new form of therapy which actively embraces Muslim patients’ religious belief as part of their treatment, contrary to traditional practice and despite resistance from some practitioners. The new … Read More

The secret health service

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Earlier this week, the Great British populous were made aware that their representatives in government – those allegedly protecting their interests and standards of living – have attempted, disgustingly, to deceive them by trying to keep secret cuts to the National Health Service (NHS), arguably Britain’s most treasured and long-lasting … Read More

Campaigners implore students to join antibiotic resistance

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Activists from SERIOUSLY, a high profile national campaign which aims to tackle what the NHS claims is the “biggest threat to health” humans will ever face, brought the message to a frosty campus on Thursday as part of a city wide effort to highlight the pressing health issue of antibiotic … Read More

"It’s vandalism on a national scale"

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The Gryphon speaks to Lucie Ward, one of the junior doctors staging a peaceful protest outside the Department of Health’s Leeds HQ at Quarry House, about the current state of the NHS, working conditions for junior doctors, and the implications of the government’s proposed new contract. How long have you … Read More